Yuzu presents to us an interesting  and unique  music video for “Owaranai Uta“!



Owaranai Uta” is the track being used as the title track for Yuzu‘s upcoming single, which will be the duo’s 43rd single release, and include a total of three tracks. It is set to be released on August 12th!



The music video was directed by Kamatani Sojiro, while Inaba Koichi acted as the creative director and Miyahara Muga as the cinematographer.  The music video is quite interesting yet well shot and played out. The duo become marionettes and interact with different weird, and quite frankly creepy, objects such as the paining Mona Lisa (that has a freaky spin to it) and other things. Honestly, some of the things are really indescribable and undecipherable so you’ll have to watch the music video below yourself!