Yuzu have released the promotional video for their song ‘Kakeru‘!



Collaborating with tofubeats and LILI LIMIT’s Taiyo Doki, Yuzu have released their new song ‘Kakeru‘. With a steady beat, the promotional video for ‘Kakeru‘ stars actress Sugisaki Hana in a futuristic time that is Shibuya in 2025.



The song, written and composed by member Kitagawa Yujin, is sang with passion and relays sentiments of hope. With it’s upbeat tempo that makes you feel very much alive, ‘Kakeru‘ has also been selected as the CM for Nippon Life.



The duo will also be releasing their new single ‘Owaranai Uta‘ (currently being used as the OST for Mezamashi TV) on August 12th, as well as a new album later this year!



Watch the promotional video for ‘Kakeru‘ below!