In October, the Zandari Festa 2015 will take place in Seoul, Korea and as it gets more international, we want to introduce it to our readers!



It all started in 2012 and Zandari Festa quickly established itself as South Korea’s largest music showcase festival. It always takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area and goes on for three days in October. The festival allows acts and music industry professionals from around the world to come together and share their love for music at concerts.


While in 2012, acts from only two other countries came to Korea, by 2014 way more came. With each year it has attracted more and more attention and other countries’ artists have joined. With that, the communication between Korean artists and overseas artists and companies was able to grow. Last year, they got more than 500 applications and invited 215 acts to perform for an enthusiastic crowd of music fans, journalists, and industry professionals.



The fest-goers receive a wristband that gives them the chance to go to all of the venues individually, as the different shows are spread out at various clubs. All styles of music are literally showcased! So there will be a little something for everyone.



As for this year, 261 bands will perform and they aren’t only from Korea, but from around the world! Included artists are top Korean indie acts, 9 Japanese bands as well as artists from the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Israel, Taiwan, Indonesia, and more who will fly to Seoul for ‘Zandari Festa 2015’. Overseas bands are especially welcome, as Zandari Festa is becoming more and more of a global event each year.


It will take place in Seoul’s Hongdae area from October 2nd – 4th!


Zandari Festa Final




And now, you’ll be able to read some quotes from artists as they share their thoughts about this festival! Also, don’t miss their highlight video from last year’s festival at the end!



Jai An (bassist for Korean rock band Biuret)



Why are Biuret excited about playing at Zandari Festa?

We found out about this awesome showcase festival while our band was taking some time off.  We got together again this year and decided to play at Zandari Festa for the first time.  We are all very excited to play alongside many all of the other talented musicians on the bill.  Our showcase will be the closing performance on Sunday, October 4 at Club Ta. It should be a great finale to a great festival.



Why do you think it’s good that Zandari Festa showcases bands from Korea and overseas?

Zandari Festa was founded by the Hongdae club scene itself and now has evolved into something that draws interest from music industry folks in and out of Korea.  It has provided opportunities to countless talented indie musicians and has helped to promote local indie music to a wider audience. For bands, it has given us opportunities to attract international exposure that would’ve been very difficult to do on our own.



Are there any other acts you’re hoping to see perform at the festival?

This year we heard there be musicians from England, Poland, Israel, Japan, and a bunch other countries.  It’s a rare opportunity for us to see such a diverse group of artists in Korea so we would like to go as many shows as possible.  We are especially excited to see The Dirty T’s, Fizzy Blood, Hyde & Beast, and other British bands playing at the Zandari Festa 2015.




Big Baby Driver (Korean Singer-Songwriter)

Big Baby Driver


Why do you think Zandari Festa is good for Korea’s indie scene?

We have quite a few music festivals in Korea, but they don’t often include new or artistic- oriented musicians. And there are so many good musicians who don’t have the opportunity to get exposure from the mainstream media. That’s why Zandari Festa is important to Korea’s indie music scene. Zandari Festa is open and friendly to every talented musician who wants to introduce themselves to a real audience.



What can people expect from your showcase at Zandari Festa 2015?

They can expect to relax and have some fun with me!



Aside from performing, what do you want to during Zandari Festa 2015?

I want to enjoy lots of other musicians’ showcases.




Mari (vocalist and guitarist of the Japanese rock band TsuShiMaMiRe)



Will this be your first time performing in Korea?

Yes, we’re so excited to come to Korea for Zandari Festa and for shopping and eating.



What do you have planned for Korean audiences at Zandari Festa?

I have started learning Korean. It’s difficult but fun. I can’t wait to try what I have learned. And we’ve made new costumes for our showcase.



This year there are nine Japanese acts playing at Zandari Festa. Why do you think this festival is good for Japanese bands?

I guess most Japanese bands would like to come to Zandari Festival. The festival looks cool and it’s a good size. Oh, and it’s really close to Japan too. Airfare to Korea is much, much cheaper than airfare to somewhere like the US.



Are there any other bands you’re looking forward to seeing at Zandari Festa?

We want to see female three-piece bands and hope we can get to know each other.



What does your band have planned for the rest of 2015?

We are going to release our new album, “Human Abandonment,” on October 7th. I hope the audience at Zandari Festa will love our new songs!




Yokkoi (the vocalist of Japanese punk band PET)




Will this be your first time performing in Korea?

Yes, and we’re all really excited to perform at Zandari Festa.



What do you have planned for the Korean audiences at Zandari Festa?

We don’t have anything special planned, but we’ll try to do the best show like we always do and we can’t wait to enjoy our showcase together with the audience in Seoul.



Are there any other bands you’re looking forward to seeing at Zandari Festa?

We’ve been watching lots of videos from all the other bands playing at Zandari Festa. I can’t wait to see them play live!






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