M.I.B‘s Zick Jasper (previously known as 5zic) has released the music video for “Hungry” and reveals the tracklist for his upcoming mixtape ‘EXHIBITION Mixtape #1‘ as well as a promotion video!



As previously announced, he will release his mixtape ‘Exhibition’ soon . He has already pre-relased “Zick Jasper” along with a music video. Through this he also let people know that he now goes by the name of Zick Jasper. You can check it out again [HERE]. However, now he has pre-released another track, titled “Hungry” featuring Wutan and Don Mills, along with a music video also.



His mixtape will contain 10 tracks in total. However, some of the tracks should already be familiar. First of the title track, but also “Chillin on my bed” featuring Royal ClassRoydo, which was released as a single track and, now, “Hungry”. The third track features fellow M.I.B member SIMS, but there are also other underground artists featured like Quala and Nucksal as well as Ed-Two, ZEE, and Nop.k! But check out the full track list above!



In addition, he revealed a promotion video in Japanese! So check out the new releases below and stay tuned until the full release on July 23rd!