The reverse harem anime genre includes one girl who has plenty of hot guys attracted/in love with her. It might be a very simple explanation, but it is clearly what it means. While most of the reverse harem anime are adaptations from Otome games, it is quite popular with the feminine public. Indeed, what could be better than watching an anime with many eyecandy to satisfy our fantasies. Well while Rom-com are a must for us girls, reverse harem anime are also something we like from time to time ! I selected a few Reverse Harem anime which gathers all a girl need, So check it out!

10. Neo Angelique Abyss

“”Neo Angelique Abyss”” has a very interesting story line and very handsome characters. The drawings are truthfully beautiful. But you may find the heroine way too pure and cheesy if you like strong female characters. In my opinion, Angelique might be the incarnation of an angel/queen, but being so pure and innocent can become quite annoying. While the guys are protecting her even if it would cost their lives. She is just naive enough to believe in everyone’s goodness. Therefore, the anime is maybe a bit too idealistic but if you take that out, you will find it quite interesting. The fights are good and the plot is interesting. On top of that, who doesn’t like to watch handsome anime characters !

9. Dance with devils

“”Dance with devils”” is an interesting reverse harem anime as it is also a musical. The story is really good, devils and vampire are always so charming, you will definitely fall for them. The drawings are gorgeous as well. Though this musical part is a bit bothering as they suddenly start singing in the middle of a scene which tends to make you loose focus. As it is not an anime related to music at all, it sounds a bit weird. So while I like the story, I find it hard to focus on this anime. But the end is worth your patience cause it is an unexpected one but still fulfilling. So don’t hesitate to watch it !

8. Diabolik Lovers

“”Diabolik lovers”” has many fans, I admit that those bunch of vampires are really handsome though quite scary, but still attractive in some way. Though I find the story line quite slow to get into the plot. It becomes interesting only after the 4th episode. Same goes for the 2nd season. Just like Uta no Prince sama, the story line of the first and second season is the same, just with different characters ! My biggest problem with this anime is the passivity of the heroine, while they are all treating her like a prey and wants to feed on her, she is barely able to push them away. Well of course, those are vampires therefore they are strong, but still even her escapes seem weak. She is dull and has no strength in her personnality. Which makes this anime interesting only for the design and the hot guys. Though the plot is not too bad, I feel like they could have done much more with this anime!

7. Starry Sky

“”Starry Sky”” has a different concept to other Reverse harem anime you may know. Indeed, each episode introduce the male characters to you, and each one of them is linked to a Zodiac sign. It is actually the perfect way to introduce each characters of the otome game of the same name. You can make your choice better seeing all of their individual stories. Unfortunately, the otome game is not available in English, therefore it leaves you with a bitter after taste. At the end, all you want is to be able to play the game. All those hotties are definitely very interesting. While I love the concept, it is a unusual story with no real ending. If you like open ending, you might be interested in watching the serie and make up your own ending afterwards. In my opinion, it’s worth to watch cause each characters have very nice stories and you get easily attached to them.

6. Kamigami no asobi

“”Kamigami no asobi”” is an interesting concept, the anime is based on an otome game and therefore the heroine is around plenty of handsome guys. But the story line they made up out of this game is really cool. A human girl trying to teach gods the human way to reconcile the gods with humanity. The heroine is a strong willed woman with a lot of courage, so she ends up charming all the gods with her strength. The gods all have problems they need to overcome and she helps them out. The story is addictive and the characters are touching. I definitely recommend this anime to anyone who loves the reverse harem type !

5. Amnesia

While “”Amnesia”” got a lot of critics, I think that it is one Reverse harem anime you must watch ! The story was really well done knowing it comes from an otome game. But also the drawings are especially outstanding. Shin, Toma, Ukyo, Ikki and Kent are absolutely gorgeous and will make you fall for them without a doubt ! You might find it difficult to follow the story in the beginning but if you keep watching, you will understand the point of the story and everything will be much clearer. So if you didn’t watch it, get to it, it’s only 12 episodes !

4. Uta no prince Sama

“”Uta no prince Sama”” is probably one of the most popular Reverse Harem anime nowadays, with the 4th season released not so long ago. All the characters are interesting and handsome, plus if you love music, you will really enjoy watching this anime. You will find yourself thinking that Haruka Nanami is one lucky girl to be not only a genius composer but around so many hot guys ! Though while the story is interesting, I think they are way out of the reality. Of course, fiction is fiction, but the idea of having one composer only moving the hearts of so many idols is quite close to reality. On top of that, she ends up with more and more groups to compose songs for. So from the 3rd season, you feel like it’s always the same pattern and there’s not much surprise anymore on the plot of the serie. The heroine is also quite naive and indecisive, indeed, she never shows a real love interest for one of them in particular. She loves them all in a pure way ! Which is also practically impossible. It’s still worth watching especially if you are into reverse harem anime and music, then this anime is surely for you !

3. Ouran High School Host Club

“”Ouran High School Host Club”” is probably one of the best Reverse Harem anime of all time. While all those hot guys are totally into Haruhi after discovering she is a girl, they also entertain the other girls from the academy playing the Prince charming. They are all hot guys, with each their own personnality which makes them interesting. The story line is very interesting and makes you addicted to the serie right away. It is a funny and romantic anime which will make your heart melt many times, but for which one of the guys will you fall ? Watch it to find out!

2. Akatsuki no yona

“”Princess Yona”” is also one of the best Reverse Harem anime, though it didn’t get much attention, I do think it is a great anime all together. What is even more impressive is the fact it is based on a Manhwa and not a Manga. Some Korean culture entering the Japanese one is very nice to see. On top of that, the story is really good and the drawings are exceptional. I also can’t pass without mentioning the very handsome Hak who is the princess’s knight and has a very important role in the story. The main characters are really well thought and you cannot help but get attached to them. It is the kind of anime that you can’t stop watching and therefore end up doing an all nighter just to finish the serie!

1. Hanasakeru Seishounen

Probably my favorite reverse harem anime, though a bit old, it is still one of a kind anime. The story is excellent, the male characters are candies for the eyes and the plot makes you want to watch more and more episodes. You get easily attached to all the characters and the heroine Kajika will steal your heart for sure. The end has some unexpected turn but it is the best end I could think of. I really have nothing negative to say about this anime as it stole my heart and entered my all favorite anime list. So if you didn’t watch it, get to your computer and start watching right away !

TOP10 by Vivi