A Shojo anime is a romantic comedy which involves a guy and a girl falling in love, but of course falling in love shouldn’t be that easy, so they go through a lot of struggles and obstacles. I noticed that those anime really have two types of girl as female main character: either it is the shy, lonely, focused on her study type of heroine or the badass, determined, strong-willed still smart type of girl. Both are interesting in different way because I guess anyone can relate to either one or the other. As for the guy, it seems that it is always the popular and handsome guy who has a lot of girls interested in him though it is not like he cares, sometimes they can also be the badass type.

In any case, those Rom-com are a delight for us girl who like to fantasize on romantic story. In order for you to dream even more, we selected the 10 best Shojo Anime we watched for you. Enjoy !

1. Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is the best rom-com you can watch. It has everything! It is funny, romantic and the story is really interesting. A strong female character, Misaki, who gives everything she has to become the best student and live up the school standard as Student council president and still work aside from school to help her family. The princely and popular who doesn’t care much male character, Usui, is always there to save Misaki who he falls in love with. They are definitely the perfect couple. Not to mention how Usui is simply gorgeous ! Sadly it had only one season, while the manga continues on a lot more. It is a pity for such a great anime !

2. Special A

Hikari and Kei are two competitive and very smart characters. Special A is a group of Elite students who keeps having the best scores at School. Hikari considers Kei as her biggest rival, indeed he is always first in everything they do, while she keeps being second. Though Kei finds in her more than a rival and cares about her much more than she imagines. More than a romance, it is also a story about friendship between all the members of the group. The anime is really funny to watch, you will find yourself laughing in no time. The best point of this anime is that the secondary characters have also their side story and there is romance for all of them happening throughout the serie. Even though you could consider Hikari a bit hardheaded due to her incapacity to see the truth but she is nonetheless a lovely person with a lot of determination. You get attached to all the characters cause they all have their charm. It is one of my favorite shojo of all time and is a must watch if you didn’t already.

3. Snow white with Red Hair

Though the name can seem a bit cheesy, the anime is actually very good and addictive. Indeed, Shirayuki is actually a strong girl who is fighting for her dream. She is gentle yet stubborn and stand up for herself. Zen is a prince but he acts naturally and he is reckless while very caring. Their love story is really interesting because even though they are from different social status, they are determined to be together and they try to fight together whatever come their way. They are both strong and push each other further in their dream. They surely incarnate the perfect couple. It is also interesting to see the development of the secondary characters. Though, we can see a triangle love story developing through the second season. Now we just need to wait for a third season. But if you didn’t watch it yet, just give yourself a treat!

4.Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika is a girl who wants to be so popular that she started to lie about everything which brings her into the worst situation. Especially when she lies about dating Kyouya who is the most popular and handsome boy at school ! But at her surprise, Kyouya accepts to play that role at the condition she does everything he wants. That’s how she becomes a pet-slave to him. Though she hates him in the beginning, she develops feelings for him, she must be sadistic ! But it seems like Kyouya cares much more about her than he pretends. That’s how the romance starts. It is an interesting story which brings two different characters together and teach them both how to see things differently. It is also very funny to watch, so get on with it if you didn’t see it yet !

5.Kamisame Hajimemasshita

Nanami and Tomoe are an unexpected couple, indeed Tomoe is a fox youkai and Nanami is a human, though not any human, she became a human-god after her meeting with Mikage, the god of the Mikage shrine. Tomoe ended up becoming her familiar as she was designated by Mikage to take care of the shrine in his stead. Here you have a Fantasy story mixed to a romance which makes it even more fun to watch. While Nanami falls for Tomoe very quickly, she is very genuine about it, she is not really looking for him to develop feelings towards her but it is still something she hopes for deep inside. Nanami is a caring person who tends to see the good in people and always try to save them no matter what. She had a very troubled past, but it made her strong and determined. Tomoe hates humans, his past is also troublesome as he was an evil yokai, even though he ends up caring for Nanami more and more. Throughout the serie you understand that somehow their destiny must be entwined. It is the type of anime you want to keep watching till the end. So if you didn’t watch it, it’s time to start!

6. Say I love you

Mei and Yamato are the typical couple of a shy girl and the popular guy, but ‘Say I love you‘ is definitely an anime for you to melt over cause it is definitely one of the sweetest shojo anime. While they both are completely clumsy when it comes to love, Yamato is the handsome popular guy but who is not really interested in playing the field and don’t consider himself as exceptional. Mei is the shy and quiet girl who has no friends cause she got hurt in the past and ended up closing herself up to not get hurt anymore. Of course, when Yamato sees her, it is love at first sight, he goes then after her in order to get to know her better and be her boyfriend. Though Mei is rejecting him at first, she ends up needing him and therefore their romance starts. She also ends up getting friends and her life is getting brighter since she met Yamato. The interesting part is how they overcome their obstacles while they are both quite clumsy in love and how Mei is opening up more and more. All the characters evolves throughout the serie and therefore you can enjoy good side stories as well. It might be too sweet for some of you, but still this story teaches you an important lesson, even though you are afraid to get hurt, it is not the end if you are hurt, you just need to stand up and make things right again.

7. Kimi ni todoke

Sawako and Shota are probably one of the most famous Rom-com couple of all time, the anime is just very sweet, even though it can be quite annoying as Sawako can be a real worrywart, while Shota is totally dense. It takes a long time for them to finally be together but they are just too cute to not love them. Though what I like the most in this anime is the friendship which is developped towards Sawako and the way she becomes more and more lively. She is an inspiration for many students and finally understand she has qualities which can help others. So if you feel like watching something totally romantic, it is the anime for you !

8. My little monster

My little Monster‘ is about Shizuku, a girl who dedicated her life to study. She wants to become successful in life and wants to be able to earn a lot of money when she will be an adult. While Haru is considered as a delinquant because he has quite the temper and solve his issues with violence, but in reality the only thing he is looking for it’s friends. He stopped going to school after being suspended and everyone is afraid of him. But when Shizuku comes to bring him some homework from school, she bluntly talks to him and even end up defending him. Haru develops an attachment to her and starts developping feelings for her. Shizuku even though she was at first annoyed by him, ends up falling for him. Though their story is not as easy, cause they both have struggles to deal with and so their relationships cannot really grow that easily.

The good point of this anime is not specifically the romantic development but more the friendship between all the characters. Haru finally understands how to behave with people so that they don’t end up being scared, and he gets to keep going to school. Shizuku understands that having friends can be more rewarding than being alone, cause even though study is important, relaxing with friends is also something to enjoy. The down point is that you may find the main characters a bit undecisive and the story of the side characters is not really developping. But overall, it is an anime you can enjoy watching and that you will want to finish as soon as you started it.

9. Skip beat!

Skip beat!‘ is not the typical Rom-Com anime but it is quite interesting as it is funny and with an interesting plot. Kyoko is deceived by Sho who she thought loved her but after becoming an Idol, she heard him saying that he was just using her. After hearing that, she decided to take her revenge but in her revenge’s scheme, she didn’t imagine she would actually found her calling as an actress and meet Ren who she falls for. Though their relationship is a bit difficult in the beginning, their feelings evolve into love. The end is an open one, therefore, you need to use your imagination to guess what is happening next which is unusual but interesting. But I think that the realization that Sho likes her too is put aside too much and you don’t really get to see it well. The most interesting evolution is still Kyoko as she is really growing as a person. I really advise this anime if you didn’t see it!

10. Ao Haru ride

Futaba and Kou fell in love with each other when they were younger, then Kou disappeared due to the divorce of his parents without telling anything to Futaba. A few years later, he comes back to the same school as her but with another name. They both changed, while Kou became mean and completely closed to affections, Futaba is afraid to end up alone without any friends. Though Kou is stating that he doesn’t love Futaba anymore, he still cares about her enough to tell her what she needs to hear. Their evolution is really interesting throughout the story as they learn a lot from each other about friendship and how to open up their heart. They both make friends and end up happier. The only down point of this anime is the incapacity of the heroine to confess and make the right decision. Therefore, as much as personally they both make progress, as a couple they keep on stagning. The romantic kiss is definitely missing which makes you frustrated at the end of the anime. Even though. I still do think that this is a great story and an anime you should watch, also because Kou is quite the hottie !

Written by Vivi