Title: Ao Haru Ride/ Blue Spring Ride (based on the same-titled manga “”Ao Haru Ride)

Genre: Teen Romance

Director: Takahiro Miki

Release date: December 13th, 2014


Futaba and Kou were supposed to meet under the clock to go on a date to the festival when they were 14 years old. Kou never came and disappeared suddenly from her life. 2 years later, he reappeared in her school. While she tries to understand the reason why he left, he keeps being very vague. He is pushing her away and try to keep his distance, but he can’t do that very well and always end up being there for her. But Kou has a more complicated past then Futaba’s expecting and therefore, they end up hurting each other. However Futaba is not the kind of giving up and she still tries to help him even though he rejects her.


I have a preference for the live action movie instead of the anime cause it is more complete. Indeed, while the anime ends in the middle of the story, the movie gives you the complete story. I really liked the movie cause it keeps the story of Ao Haru Ride close enough to the manga. On top of that, the actors are really good and portray the characters very well in their own way. Live action movie can be disappointing, but Ao Haru Ride was the contrary. The characters are really attaching and you find yourself taken into the story in no time. I definitely advise you to watch it !


Futaba: Futaba is trying hard to fit in with her schoolmate. Faking her personality, acting as a girl who doesn’t care about her appearance or about guys. Because of that, she lost of lot of herself in the process. But Kou is there to remind her about it and so she understands that she needs to find friends by being herself. Futaba is cute, noisy, straightforward, bright and friendly.

Kou: Kou is a gloomy character, he doesn’t smile and cannot bring himself to be happy due to his part. He doesn’t show any interest for anything. Futaba is the only one who can manage to reach his wounded heart. But still it is difficult for him to get rid of the shadows of his past. 

Touma: Touma is a schoolmate of Kou, but he is also in love with Shuuko. He is very friendly, bright, funny and someone you can count on. He has an important role as a second character as he is the one who helps Futaba getting into Kou’s heart to heal him. 

Yuuri: She is the cute, little lady like girl that all the other girls hate. Futaba is the only girl who didn’t reject her. They become good friend, though they both fall in love with Kou. Yuuri is very sweet so she doesn’t keep hard feeling easily. She cares about her friends and is always trying to help out. 

Shuuko: She is a cold girl who doesn’t speak easily with other people. She has a secret crush on her teacher, who is also Kou’s brother. She rejects Touma and keep being mean to him at first. But at some point she warms up with everyone. She becomes friend with Futaba and Yuuki, even with Touma.

Review by Vivi C.