Arcadia is under the threat of the Thanatos who are some kind of demons attacking people to suck in their vital energy. To take care of them, there are the Holy Knights and the purifiers such as Nyx or Rayne. The Foundation is also trying to build machines who could take care of the Thanatos, but they have a tendency to overlook the loss and only go for the results. What Arcadia needs is to find the Queen who will save them from Erebos, the source of the Thanatos. When Mr Nys finds Angelique, he realizes that she is the Queen’s egg, and therefore she is meant to become the Queen. But before that, she needs to overcome a lot of trials. Eventually, her powers will awaken more and more but only to get Erebos angrier and so Arcadia falls even more into the attacks of the Thanatos.


While the plot is well done, I found there was something missing in this anime! I would guess it would be the lack of will in the female character who is more pure and innocent, seeing the good in all people, which gives this impression. As much as I love the drawings, cause they are really beautiful and I do enjoy the story. The lack of strong will in most of the characters is a problem. And the religious idealism that you get from the anime is a bit too pure. In the first season, it takes at least 8 episodes before getting more interesting and in the second season, everything seems quite slow to the end battle. At the same time, you may find the end quite disappointing while you kinda expect to get an end which would give you a bit more satisfaction, you end up with the most obvious one. Therefore, you end up having a taste of disappointment. Now if you are an idealist and like pure and innocent heroine, this anime is definitely for you !


Angelique is the Queen’s egg who is growing as a queen, developping her purifying power to beat the Thanatos. She is pure and innocent, therefore everyone falls under her charm and kindness. She has many people who wants to protect her. She is indeed very kind and thoughtfull. She always wishes to help people even if she needs to sacrifice herself for that.

Rayne is one of the purifier working with Mr Nyx. He is also a protector of Angelique. He is very smart cause he is a scientist and used to work for the Foundation. But due to a disagreement, he decided to leave and ended up helping Mr Nyx to destroy the thanatos. He is very handsome and is impulsive. But he has also a soft heart when it comes to protect the ones he loves.

Mr Nyx is a complex character, he is very wise and mysterious. He hides some deep secrets but he is very kind with everyone. He has the charisma of a leader and he is very reliable. But his secrets will eventually get the best of him, while he does love his friends, he feels himself conflicted towards them as well.

J.D. is an artifact created by the Foundation, but he was a defect and therefore, they got rid of him. J.D. lived in a village near the sea where he learned that he had a heart. After his dear friend died, he travelled a lot in order to save people from the thanatos. He then met Angelique and found a new precious person that he wanted to protect. He is a kind man and doesn’t like to hurt others, even though he does what he needs to do to protect Angelique. On top of that, he is also a good cook.

Hyuuga was one of the Holy Knight from the Holy City. He is strong and has a huge sense of value and etiquette. He lived to serve the Queen, and even after leaving the Holy Knight, he kept on his ideal to serve and protect the Queen. Therefore, when he met Angelique, he put his life in her hand and swear to protect her. He is very serious and a good warrior. But he finally ends up being more friendly towards everyone and even enjoying himself.

René is the true religious leader who needs to take soon his place on the throne of the Holy City. But he is young and wish to be free to go wherever he wants. He is not really happy with his destiny, until the day his mentor betrays him and then he understands his own selfishness and what is the path he needs to choose. René is actually very kind and lively. He has a beautiful heart and doesn’t lack of courage.

Review by Vivi C.