TitleNisekoi (adaptation of Naoshi Komi’s “”Nisekoi: False Love”” manga)

Season(s): 2

Broadcasting period: Season 1 Jan. 11th-May 24th 2014; Seasong 2 Apr. 10th-June 26th 2015


Raku is the heir of the Yakuza faction Shuei-Gumi and Chitoge is the daughter of the American gang Bee Hive. While Raku is living the normal life of a teenager (or at least as much normal as possible), Chitoge moves in Japan and starts going to the same school as Raku. Their lives change when their fathers decide they should have a fake relationship in order to calm down the figths between the gangs. From that day, they are going through a lot of adventures, faking their love for each other but still being convincing. It is also a problem for Raku who is desperatly searching for the girl who has the key to open his locket, with who he made a promise when they were children. This girl is supposed to be the one he will have a relationship with when she comes back in his life and open his locket. But things are not that easy as he ends up with 3 girls from his childhood having a key and a broken locket ! So who is the girl he really promised his love ?


Nisekoi seems interesting at first, beginning slowly as you don’t really understand where it’s going, then after the episode 4 of the first season, you pick up the story and start watching with more interest. Indeed, you start getting into the plots of who is the girl Raku promised his love. But when comes the second season, you start wondering again where is this going?

The second season seems to be made just to keep the fans of the serie entertained as there is not much advancement in the story. They add a character who has no subsequent influence in the story and focus on small stories of each candidate for Raku’s love promise. After the first season, you are hoping for some development, but this is not what you get and so you get some disappointment. Though you can really enjoy the design of the drawing as they are really well done, the story is interesting but lack of development.

The characters are attractive, you definitely will find yourself rooting for one of the girl, mostly between Onodera or Chitoge. This anime has a lot of potential, but weirdly doesn’t stand up to my expectations. All I can say is, take a look for yourself as you will surely enjoy the design and story, but don’t get your hopes up about the ending. Now it has not been confirmed if there would be a third season, so let’s wait and see if it will come !


Raku Ichijo: Raku is the lucky guy who has so many girls in love with him, he is the heir of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. But instead of being a total badass, he is very caring, a good cook and also charming. That is why he gets so many girls falling for him. Though he says he is in love with Onodera, you can see that he is developping feelings for Chitoge as well after some time. He just doesn’t realize it himself. It would have been a good twist in the story if he would have realized it, unfortunately, it didn’t happen !

Chitoge Kirisaki: Chitoge is half Japanese half American, therefore, everyone is stunned by her beauty. She is the daughter of a gangster organization’s boss and her mother is the big boss of several huge companies in the world. She is a rich girl but she is far from being self-sufficient. She is a bit scary with a strong personality. But actually she is sweeter than she looks. She actually loves spending time with friends and she is a very lively girl.

Onodera Kosaki: Onodera was already a class comrade of Raku before entering high school. They knew each other for a long time and they were already having a crush on each other for a long time. But Onodera never had the guts to confess to him (Raku neither), and therefore, they are just stuck in some kind of friendship. Onodera is the type of girl, very sweet, very polite, generous and shy. She is not weak but she always needs a push on her back to do something. Fortunately, her friend Ruri is there for that !

Marika Tachibana: Marika arrives a little later in the first season, a new candidate who has a key to Raku’s locket ! Though this one isn’t shy at all and declare her love for Raku to everyone. She is very forceful and a bit crazy when it comes to Raku. Need to say she hasn’t forgotten him since they were children and did that promise. She was really weak, always sick during her childhood. She worked hard to get better and stronger in order to be with Raku. We can give that to her, she is very determined and strongwilled. But she is quite scary and has a tendency to send Raku away instead of getting him to like her.

Seishirou Tsugumi: She is the bodyguard assigned to Chitoge while at School, because she is still a student but also a hitwoman. At first, everyone thinks she is a man, cause she dresses like one and has short hair. So there is some misunderstanding happening. Then to avoid any other problems, Chitoge decides to put a hairband in her hair, girly enough so there won’t be any confusion anymore. She is supposed to spy on the relationship between Chitoge and Raku and maybe kill him. But while she first hates him, she ends up falling for him just like all the other girls. Tsugumi is surely strong but very cute when it comes to Raku and her inexperience with love.

Review by Vivi C.