VAV – Under the Moonlight


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VAV are a rookie Korean group that debuted in 2015 with the music video “”Under the Moonlight“”. The group is currently signed to AQ Entertainment. The name “”VAV”” stands for “”Very Awesome V Rangers””. Each member of the group has their own special “”identity””, ranging from vampires to priests! This ties in with the group’s fanclub name – “”Vampz””.

As a group, VAV consists of seven members: Xiao, Baron, St.Van, Zehan, ACE, GyeoUI, and Jacob! The leader of VAV is St.Van. He is a ’91 liner, and his real name is Lee Geum Hyuk. As a leader, St.Van is very responsible and takes very good care of his group members. His position does not end at being a leader though – St.Van is also talented in the vocal department too! He is also quite good at speaking Chinese. St Van’s identity in VAV is a Priest. Often the leaders of groups tend to be the oldest members, however, that is not the case with VAV! Next up we have the member Xiao. He adds a bit of variety to the group – he was was born in 1989 in China, making him the oldest member of VAV. Xiao is a gifted rapper and also a dancer, making him to be a crucial member of VAV. His charming looks and many talents (including various sports and instruments) earned him the nickname “”Man from Manga””! He is an all rounder, the perfect manga-like character! Xiao’s identity is a Vampire. UPDATE – Xiao is currently on hiatus.

The next member of VAV is Baron. Baron’s real name is Choi Chung Hyeob and he was born in 1992. Baron’s position in the group is that of a talented dancer and vocalist. His identity is also a vampire. His striking looks certainly fit the bill! He’s not too shabby in the vocal department either as he often lends a hand there too. Ace is the same age as Baron, he is a ’92 liner. Ace’s real name is Jang Woo Young and he is an “”ace”” at both singing and dancing. He identifies as a Vampire. As well as being gifted with the ability to sing and dance (while looking good at the same time), Ace also has a great interest in acting and often pursues that talent! GyeoUI is the only Wolf Boy of VAV. This could be due to his wild looks, his interests, and his personality! GyeoUI the Wolf Boy was born in 1995, his real name is Kim Jeong Eon. He is yet another stunning vocalist of VAV and when it comes to music tastes, GyeoUI has a wide variety including r&b and hip hop. Perhaps we will see him on Show Me the Money in the future! UPDATE – Unfortunately, in January 27th VAV announced the depart of GyeoUI from the group. The rapper wished to pursuit a music producer career and so he decided to part from VAV. In a very sweet message, VAV and its label wish him all the best and ask fans to always support him.

ZeHan was born on March 29th, 1994 in South Korea. Alongside Jacob, ZeHan is one of the tallest member of VAV with his 184 cm! He’s the 5th vampire of the group with a serious-mind and a mystic aura surrounding him. He loves to read and his talents also cover acting. UPDATE – Unfortunately, ZeHan left the group at the end of 2016. The youngest member of VAV is called Jacob. His real name is Zhang Peng and he was born in 1996. Being the youngest doesn’t stop him from shining, however, as Jacob takes pride in his “”model walk”” talent. Jacob is also a Vampire in VAV. His official position in VAV is that of a rapper and dancer!

At the beginning of 2017, VAV announced the addition of three new members to the group! Ayno, Lou and Ziu joined Ace, Baron, Jacob and St. Van and the group came back as 7th once again. VAV may have just debuted in 2015, however that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer! Look forward to VAV in the future as they will certainly be topping the music charts!


Updated on July 2017th