23rd of January wasn’t my first time with 24k, a 7 members boyband who debuted in 2012 under Choeun Entertainment. I’ve met one of them in Korea last year in Arirang Tower. Later on, I checked the whole band and their songs, I have to say I liked them. I didn’t expect that three months later, 24k will announce their first concert in Europe, Poland.

Cory, Daeil, Jeonguk, Jinhong, Hui and Kisu arrived to Poland on the evening of 21st January, unfortunately one member, Sungoh, couldn’t attend the concert due to his shoulder injury. The first and for now the only concert in Europe was powered by Polish event agency – Plus Social. It was the first time for them to organise a k-pop concert. In comparison to other event agencies, Plus Social gave 24k members more freedom which was visible from the communication between the agency, the band members and their fans. I was on many concerts, some fanmeetings (counting my favourite band in it) and I have never seen such great communication. During the whole time they spent in Poland, I was really impressed looking at the members’ or fans’ SNS.

On the 22nd January, we were able to meet all the members in the Korean Culture Centre for a press day.  I was a bit stressed as it was my first time interviewing k-pop idols but we broke the ice immediately. All of the members were so nice; they were joking and fooling around, sometimes I couldn’t help but laugh together with them. You can find it why reading our interview.

On the 23rd January, I arrived around 5pm. A lot of fans were waiting for the fansign event. Some people arrived on the previous day to get best places. Before they opened the gates, the members stood on the stairs outside and greeted their fans. After 6pm, VIP fans entered the concert hall.

During the fan signing, fans could give something from their own collection or the Superfly poster to receive the members’ signature and fans could share a few words with the members. After the signing session, it was time for group pictures. I wasn’t able to see the whole event from beginning to end, but I have to admit, the warm atmosphere was perceivable even if the concert hall wasn’t warmer than 15 degrees. Around half an hour after 7pm, the concert hall was filled and the show has started.

24k performed amazingly, even though one of them stayed in Korea, they filled his place and tried to do their best to reward his absence. The intro amused almost everyone, especially as almost everyone showed amazing dance skills and Hui did just one single move similar to GD & Taeyang – Good Boy. That was incredibly cute.

The boys performed their greatest hits at first. ‘Hey You’ woke all of the fangirls and ‘Superfly’ went with its flow. Fans were screaming and singing along with their idols. They also performed ‘Secret Love’, ‘Hurry up’, ‘Rush’, ‘It’s Heaven’, and ‘U R So Cute’ (last two as encore stage). But they also performed some great covers. 4k (Cory, Kisu, Jinhong and Hui) prepared really amazing cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’. They provided us really amazing live vocal show, that made me breathless. After them, 2k (Jeonguk and Daeil) did a great dance performance. Dance being my passion, I was looking at them truly amazed. Let’s be honest, most k-pop idols learn to dance because they must, that’s how the k-pop industry works. But for those two, passion and true love for dancing was so powerful in this performance.

Firstly, Daeil gave us really good popping style show to an EDM song, followed by Jeonguk and followed by the most surprising part of the show. I have never seen something like that and if someone just told me about it without showing me proof, I wouldn’t believe it. Suddenly, behind the dancers we saw our white-red flag and our national anthem “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego” (also known as Song of Polish Legions in Italy or Poland is not yet lost). For the first few seconds, all Polish people were in shock, silence changed to shock and then to singing. After the Polish anthem, Daeil and Jeonguk joined their dance power and killed every dancer with their skills during Skrillex’s song. I have never seen such a great dance performance live.

24k as a whole group performed two other covers; Brian McKnight’s ‘Back at one’ and BIGBANG’s ‘Fantastic Baby’.  The first one was very touching while second got us carried away with crazy dances and stuff done by the boys.

The best thing during whole concert? Their fanservice. They surprised me with every action; waving to the fans, giving high fives or sending hearts, those were mainstream actions for 24k. Let’s start with sudden contest. They invited three random fans who raised their hands as they asked ‘Who can dance ‘Superfly’?”. Those three fans went up to the stage and performed one by one to see who did best. 24K was supposed to choose one of them and give a signed album, however they let the crowd decide. The crowd cheered very loudly for two of them thus they gave signed albums to the three contestants and took a picture with them.

During the encore stages, performing for the second time of ‘Superfly’, ‘It’s Heaven’ and ‘U R So Cute’, they started taking fans’ mobiles and record themselves or took selfies. And the most surprising thing, I was standing on the left side of stage watching Daeil dancing. When I looked right, I saw Jeonguk slowly taking steps from stage towards the crash barrier where fans were making a place for him and… He jumped and disappeared between the fans. I was looking in their direction till Daeil also jumped from the stage into the space between the barriers and the stage. They teased fans by going really close to them. I can’t even imagine how fans felt while Daeil was doing those typical faces and as he calmly went to the left, opened the barriers and walk between fans. I was looking at both of them really surprised.

I was really impressed watching this concert. Sound was really great, only basic special effects but enough to keep that magical atmosphere. With only a black screen behind them, the things they did were impressive; dancing skills, vocal and rap, and especially those interactions with fans.

It wasn’t the end though. After the concert, Plus Social held an after party. I stayed there not as a press anymore but as performer. However, I think it is worth to mention that 24k members suddenly appeared on the balcony above us. They stayed for the first hour, having fun with fans, recording them and they were also dancing to everything played like BTS and AOA. Before they went to the hotel, they ran up on stage and fooled around with some funny or hot freestyles. They danced to Twice, GOT7, PSY, and requested by fans, to BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang. The people who left after the concert should really regret it, that was the best party I have ever been to. Also they spoke Polish so many times with quite a good accent.

This not the end yet. On the next day, 24k Poland in collaboration with a dance group organised a surprise flashmob! Being in touch with Plus Social, they got ready on Zamkowy Square and when 24k appeared they started. Boys were really surprised, they ran closer to the dancers quickly and started recording them. I could see Jinhong just looking at them and waiting for an unspoken permission, as their manager nodded to him, he joined the flashmob really quickly followed by the others one by one. I have never seen something like that. Group of around 30 people prepared really hard choreography to surprise the original band and they surprised them back dancing with them till the end. After all, they thanked everyone in Korean and hugged people around them.

Even after the event we could still see them trying to communicate with fans using Facebook or Instagram, every time when they met fans on the street, they talked to them, took selfies and recorded messages. On 26th of January, 24k Poland in collaboration with Plus Social, decided to do an official farewell for the band on Chopin Airport. Many cute and touching scenes took places, many fans cried and members tried to make them happy and smiled while asking them to stop crying. It was visible they had some tears ready to pour too. They kept taking photos of fans or when they saw fans taking selfies they pose behind. Just before passing security checks, they stood in front of their fans for the last time and spoke to them. They tried to use some polish words and thank fans and also promised to come back. They were leaving as if those fans were their friends.

I have to admit and I swear on everything I love and respect, before they came I only liked them and they weren’t really special for me. I liked their music, that’s all, even if I was hyper happy to know they are coming. After those few days I can honestly admit, I became 24u. I’m really happy I was able to see something that unusual and sweet. 24k is really unique band. Even if they are not here anymore, every day I see them trying hard to communicate with Polish fans. I hope they will be back to Europe soon. If they come to your country or you have possibility to see their show, definitely go! It’s worth a VIP ticket, I can assure you!

Review by Paula