On January 12th, we were in Cologne, Germany, for one of the stops of 24K’s world tour 2017. There were already a lot of fans waiting to enter the venue when we arrived. Once inside, we could see an impressive crowd as the venue was sold out. It was the first time I saw so many fans attending a K-pop concert. The energy was high from the beginning. After waiting impatiently for 24K to arrive on stage, fans could finally scream their happiness to see them with their first song « BINGO » which is clearly one of their most famous ones. The excitement went up more and more with each upbeat tracks such as « Hey you », « still 24K » and so on.

24K performed their choreography perfectly, showing that they are definitely talented when it comes to dance. At the beginning, the microphones were not working very well, so we could barely hear some of the members, but when the sound had been arranged, we were able to enjoy their nice voices as well. They definitely showed that they are worthy!

I was impressed by how they improved through the years. In my opinion, Jeonguk has improved the most, not only his dance-skills have increased, but his rap skills are now really amazing which he clearly showed us during his solo stage. His implication in 24K was clearly benefic, not only for the all group but also for himself. Cory was really funny from the beginning of the concert to the end, showing he is not only talented at singing and dancing but also as an entertainer. Kisu’s voice was very impressive, he has a better presence on stage and always has very a beautiful speech to the fans. Out of the new members, Jinhong has been my best discovery as he has a beautiful voice and a nice charisma on stage. Hui was certainly very popular. Though he seems a bit shy, he is showing a real talent, which I think would still improve with time. Changsub and Hongseob also showed us their talent with a superb choreography which they did during the solo parts of the concert.

They really took the time to interact with their fans and talked a lot. Yet they also organized a little contest in the middle of the concert and brought 3 fans on the stage. Overall, the concert was a real success and lasted a long time. JAPAKO Music has always been supporting 24K as we always believed in their talent. On this day, they proved that they were worth our trust seeing that they are now on the rising path and we can’t wait to see them grow even more in the near future. We will wait for their next stop in Europe, we hope you will too!

Review by Vivi C.