In March-April, the Japanese male-duo Adams is performing an European First Sin Tour of 21 dates and here is the review of the concert of Brussels (2014.03.15).

The first real concert of Adams took place during the Made in Asia convention therefore the duo met not only with their Belgian fans but also people who are curious of what a Japanese group can do on a stage. You now understand the pressure Shota and Adam had on their shoulders that day. Did they managed to keep an audience of 500 persons entertained? Yes, they did!
The show started at 05:25pm and ended at 06:15pm. 50 minutes with two men, a computer, a guitar and the NEO SEXUAL Touch!

Everything is starting with a school bell ringing. During the two first songs, the fans clap in their hands while two students sing and dance in front of them. The second song is more energetic and begins with our boys jumping on the stage while they shout « One ! One ! One ! ». The audience is receptive and follows.

Then a message can be heard… Shota‘s voice is explaining the concert is not about Adam and Eve… but Adam and Adam… And, it’s still about love.
Indeed, the next two songs show us the awakening love between Shota and Adam.
The fans are watching calmly what is happening. At the end of the fourth song, our lovers don’t fear to stand, hand in hand, in front of the crowd.

With the fifth song, the crowd finally finds its place and is now divided in two groups. Those in front of the stage jump when Shota jumps and are accepting the fan-service made for them. Those behind are sitting on the ground, enjoying the show. The good point for Adams is that they didn’t leave… standing or sitting, they stayed.

Finally, it’s time for Shota to take his guitar and, like Adam, to wear sunglasses! They are both standing in front of their own microphone stand. The song 69 is definitly opening the rock part of the concert!

The fans are here to have fun and they are more participating while Adams is playing rock songs.

6:00pm, the group of sitting people is gone but we are still around 300 persons. The reason is the sound which doesn’t reach enough the end of the room.
It doesn’t stop the game between Shota and Adam. In fact, to say the truth, it some kind of awakening the fighting side of Adam who finally speaks to the audience, asking three times « Are you ready ? ».
Followed by a shy striptease when he unveils one shoulder and, at the end of the song, a frank one when he takes off his jacket.

Then, for the next song, Adam teases the audience and goes to Shota, to seduce him! I testify the fans like to see Shota with an open shirt and Shota likes that too as he has concluded the song by a big « Thank you so much! ».

It’s already time for the Encore. Shota takes off his jacket and shouts « Ça va? » (How are you doing?). For the two last songs of the concert, Shota is in shirt and Adam has an open shirt while they are singing. But the thing I could see more than those shirts was the moment when both of them finally had smiling faces!

To summerize, like I said above, Shota and Adam succeded to keep most part of an audience which wasn’t 100% dedicated to them. The point to improve for next time is to shorten the gaps between songs or to fill them with more speeches.

What can I say about how the fans reacted to this NEO SEXUAL Touch? From what I collected after the show, some have seen love while some have seen Yaoi fan-service.
They have seen Adam playing and caressing Shota while he was playing guitar.
During Dizzy Love, some of them have seen Shota who was kneeling in front of Adam while some have seen Shota‘s face in front of Adam‘s crotch. In fact, we all have seen what we like and wish to live with a special one, haven’t we?

Vampire G