“In January, the Japanese male duo I-ai- made their 1st european tour of 7 dates and here is the review of the Belgian concert (2014.01.19).

Tonight, the duo meets with their Belgian fans and gift (them) with 14 songs and a guitar solo. The audience answers by sharing a “”really good mood”” with Hiroaki (vocal) and Yuki (guitar).
The show starts at 06:45pm and ends at 08:00pm. Not bad at all when you pay less than 15 euros for your ticket.
Do you want to see your favorite artists closely? Do you want them to walk beside you as you wait for the doors to open? Try an I-ai- concert and you’ll come back next time for their music.

All is starting with Egoism and Crystallize, the audience is small but warm and very receptive.
Rosario follows and it’s a really powerful song, a mix of singings and growls like I love!
The fans like this headbanger too as I see hair moving and the bodies are jumping while the voices are screaming “”Hey, hey, hey“”!
Deep Sea and Liquid flower are the calm part of this show. The fans are listening Hiroaki and they are enjoying the riffs by Yuki in the middle of Liquid flower.
Tsuki is the last song of the first part. No sound of guitar at the beginning, Yuki is here to listen to Hiroaki‘s voice with us. Then, it’s his turn to capture the attention of the fans with his cords.

At the end of the song, Hiroaki introduces the solo guitar moment. Two tracks, one soft, one hard rock… Yuki likes what he plays, you see it clearly. The audience follows his riffs by moving their heads or bodies.

Then, Hiroaki comes back for the second part of the show. Starting point is different of what I could listen previously. It begins softly with a piano playing, then, it comes back to the original version, becoming hard rock.
Time for Bara to hebi (snakes and roses) and Hiroaki asking us “”Can you feel my heart?“”.
One of my favorite songs of the evening, I love the rythm, all is unstructured. And at the end, why are you biting your wrist like that to test Love? Why are you testing my vampiric side? Bad boy! :[

Now, Hiroaki asks : “”Do you know Visual Kei?“”. Fans are screaming their “”yes””.
Headbanger metal is coming “”on”” your face! His name is anti-Jesus.
If this voice reaches you. Just love me, call me now
… My name is Neo Jesus.

Mona Lisa brings powerful guitar’s riffs to a good melody. I really like the instrumental part of the end.
My favorite song! Christian Rose has a beautiful instrumental as intro, with sounds and piano. This song touched me so deeply I couldn’t stop myself to say a loud “”Arigato“” at the end of the song.
Duty is the last song before the encore. A very good track. One more time, the fans are screaming their “”Hey! hey! hey!“” while the drums is giving the tempo. One of my favorites for this evening.

Night Wing and “”I”” Awake are there normally to close the show.
But all depends of how the fans scream and shout their envy to see Hiroaki and Yuki to come back on stage. We succeeded so well that Hiroaki says we are kawaii !!!
Night Wing is a mix of singings and growls with a catchy solo of guitar.
“”I”” Awake ends on those words from Hiroaki : “”You are really in my heart!“”. Yes, those belgian fans deserve it. They were few but dedicated.

Arigato the fans! You rocked the place!
Arigato Hiroaki and Yuki! I hope I-ai- will come back very quickly in Europe!

Vampire G