May 3rd, 2017… The start of B.A.P‘s European part of their world tour. Starting with Paris, this huge city, and not knowing my way too much, I did arrive at the right metro station, but I almost got lost on my way to the venue. This resulted in being almost late for the show. Luckily, having a good sense of direction, I found my way quickly and I only just missed the intro music for them to come on stage.

While I was searching for a nice spot to watch the show, the boys arrived on stage with a start that really looked like a party in a club. There was a DJ , spotlights all over, and the members were ready to party… as did the fans!

I must say, the start of this show really fit the tour name. The first few songs were party remixes of their tracks. The intro remix included several songs, such as Hurricane and Badman. Both fans and B.A.P were very energetic. They were jumping all over the place, and were enjoying this great start of their EU tour. On a little side note, my first thought seeing them on stage was that Zelo looked so tall compared to the others!

Then came a remix of “”No Mercy“” and “”Bang Bang“”. It was getting really hot on stage, and some took off their jackets, while Himchan and later Yongguk played with a watergun. They also engaged with the fans a little who were at the front. And confetti was already thrown in the venue.

Suddenly the music stopped, leaving the fans jumping and shouting ‘B.A.P’. The music then started again with a remix of “”That’s my jam“”. At this point, I realized how much Jongup has improved vocally, and I enjoyed hearing him sing.

This big introduction ended with one of my personal favorite songs: ‘Dancing in the rain‘. Of course, it was a remix. And then, it was time for their short talk, where they introduced themselves…. and said a few words in French. As expected from Himchan, he was the first one to say “”je t’aime”” (cfr. I love you in French) to his fans.

After this short introduction, we start with the fan event: the “”Babyz lounge””. It looked like a bar, Daehyun being behind the bar serving drinks. That day it was Jongup’s turn to choose a fan from the crowd. As the dress code was “”retro””, he choose a young fan who was nicely dressed as requested by the dress code. They had a short chat, as expected from the smooth talkers, Youngjae was trying to win the fan over to his side, but in the end she did choose Jongup as her favorite, and she received a hug from him as well as the memory card from the camera as a gift. She definitely will have great memories of this night.

We continued with a solo, from the youngest member, Zelo… Instead of rapping, he sang us a song in english. I was very impressed, he has such a sweet voice. Not only was I impressed by his singing skills, but also by his english skills. He has grown so much!

We continued with a song from Daehyun, Jongup and Youngjae. It followed up in the style of Zelo’s song, as a slow, romantic song and then it went on for a while, as the next 2 songs, all members were back for a sexy and slow song with a sexy dance, heating up the venue.

This second part of the show ended with a Solo of Daehyun, though there was a small rap part from Zelo in this song. After a small interlude, we were back to party music  with “”young, wild and free“”, and a few other remixes.

Then came the usual “”end of show”” talk, where the members thank the fans. They told the fans that they are happy to have started with Paris, as fans have been really excited and energetic during the whole show; jumping, shouting, singing. And that they hope, the rest of the tour will go this way as well. Daehyun even told us a Korean expression, which literally meant ‘the beginning is half the way’. And so after this talk, they continued with their “”last”” song of the show… “”Wake me Up“”. Which I must say, I really enjoyed … i think it’ll become one of my favorites…

The show was finished, but we all impatiently waited for the encore… Fans shouted, sang, jumped, made a lot of noise, to show their favorite band that they are not finished partying yet! After a few minutes, their wish came true, and the members came back on stage. They tought fans a little dance, and the show continued with remixes of Spy, Feel so good, etc.

We had another talk from the members, the last one for today. They looked so happy, they thanked the fans again for their energy,

told fans how beautiful they are and that they will definitely come back next time.

The show ended up with the song dedicated to their fans: BABY. Everyone was happy, you could see the fans enjoy the show, but also the band members.

Overall, I enjoyed this show. Even though we are used to very programmed with sometimes kind of a stiff feel from Korean shows, I must say this one did not have this feeling. B.A.P enjoyed their time on stage, you could feel that they love what they do. And they had less choreographed songs than we would be used to. I will be waiting to see more of these talented young men.

Review by Sandie