An Cafe is a colorful Japanese band, they make soft rock music, even though sometimes you have songs with a bit more hard rock sounds. During their concert in Berlin, they brought a very great atmosphere, their songs are very catchy and the crowd was following the easy dance moves of the singer. The fans were delighted by the show they gave, full of energy and passion. The fan service was present too, as the singer touched a lot of hands in the crowd and let the girls in the front touches his legs and arms.

The band did a good mix between catchy songs and ballads. When the moment of the ballads came, the atmosphere changed, the lights were darker and it was really a touching moment. After that they went to a bit more hard rock songs where the crowd was jumping and getting excited again. The guitarist and bassist were totally into their music, concentrated, while the drummer was smiling all along the concert. The guy at the synthesizer was really funny, he was wearing crazy clothes and was the one who could speak English well, so he was sometimes coming in front to warm up the crowd.