“In February and March, the Japanese band An Cafe performed 12 european dates of the Nyappy go around the world IV – Live Cafe Tour 2014. Here is the review of the concert in Paris (2014.03.06).

At 07:00pm, the Trabendo and Base Productions opened the doors to +/- 600 fans, one by one. From what I saw, 40% of the audience are men and 60% are women. Both teens and adults made up the crowd that night. The show started at 08:00pm and finished at 09:30pm.

During the Opening + Smile Ichiban Ii Onna, it all began with each member taking their place on the stage. In order, drummer Teruki, keyboardist Yu-ki, guitarist Takuya, bassist Kanon and singer Miku. After two minutes of Smile Ichiban Ii Onna, I could understand what kind of atmosphere the concert was going to have. The fans know An Cafe‘s World very well and what they can share with those 5 Japanese men.
It is very fun to live when you know the codes of a World, but it can be unapproachable if you don’t have the will to understand what you see.
For Smile… the crowd followed all the arm and hand movements of singer Miku. The song is nice to listen to and was directly followed by Roman. Miku stood in the middle, doing his thing. While a part of the crowd followed him, a group was dedicated to the keyboardist Yu-ki, who was holding a blue lightstick with star shape. He has his own fans, who have the same lightsticks and cosplay as him ! They were definitly there to be N-happy through him!

Paris… Nhappy ! Paris… Nhappy !
I feel so Nhappy to see you again ! Thank you for coming tonight !
C’est difficile de parler français…
Bonjour ! Bonjour !
Je m’appelle Miku.
Comment allez-vous ? Comment allez-vous ?
Je suis content de vous revoir.
Tu m’aimes ? Tu m’aimes ? Dis-moi que tu m’aimes ! Dis-moi que tu m’aimes !
Ok, thank you ! Let enjoy show ok ?
Let’s make the show of tonight together ? Let’s make the show of tonight together ?
After what I call a very touching introduction, it was time for Wagamama Koushinkyoku and once again, the crowd followed all the arm and hand choreography of Miku.
Paris… Nhappy !
Please, follow me !
Let’s sing together ! La la la la
Thank you ! Merci !
It was the third nice song of the evening but I hoped for something more attractive. I was still not in the mood and at the gates of the Nhappy World.

During Snow Scene, something caught my attention. Miku went to the fans, and put his foot on the fence. Normally, that’s the moment where the foot disappears under a wave of hands but not this time ! Call it respect or shyness of the fans, but the foot was not touched ! Was I watching Twilight Zone ?
Then, it was guitarist Takuya who came in front of the crowd to play a short solo… which unleashed bassist Kanon, who jumped in the pit only to come back on stage to do some head banging with all the members !
Without a speech, Ryusei Rocket was played and I finally heard the first true guitar riff of the evening. From the crowd, Kanon was on the left, Miku in the middle and Takuya on the right.

Yu-ki speaks:
Bonjour Paris ! Ca va Paris ?
Scream Nhappy with me !
Do you understand ?
One more time !
Are you ready ! 3 2 1 Nhappy !
Louder ! Louder ! Louder ! Last time ok ?
Then… Yu-ki fell into the pit! Luckily, nothing bad happened, he was ok and came back quickly to continue his speech.
Next song is Amazing Blue !
Yu-ki gave the place to Miku who came back with the blue lightstick!
During the song, Yu-ki did his show one more time at the front of the stage and was then replaced by Takuya for a new riff. As always, they used their hand choreography. Some ‘Wowowowowowo’ from the audience and the conclusion of a Merci ! Nhappy !
Tekesuta Kousen gave the chance for more choreography, mixing movements and hand clapping.
Next was some more headbanging, since the end of the song is more energetic… The members then took a break for some water for the first time of the evening.

Bassist Kanon and guitarist Takuya then had their moment : Escapism.
Bonjour Paris !
Je suis contente (yes she is happy) de voir Paris !
Konnichiwa ! Arigato ! Nhappy !
Wow ! Paris are you ready ?
Kamehameha (Dragon Ball) !
Merci beaucoup !
Yes guitar Takuya
(Takuya spoke next)
I’m very happy ! I’m very happy to come in Paris !
Let’s make a good night !
Escapism was one of my favorite songs of the show… its a de-structured song, wavering between two melodies and speeds.
Kiminomachi was the first ballad of the evening. It’s a beautiful song with a colorful melody. And, of course some riffs that I like to hear too.
The energetic rythm and the lightsticks were back with Bee Myself, Bee Yourself.
Yu-ki came to the front, on the left, with a small keyboard and his lightstick to do some choreography while the fans clapped their hands. Miku also came the right of the stage. While they both did their choreography, the funny behavior of Yu-ki is undeniable.
The « funny Yu-ki » continued his show during Natsu Koi Natsu Game. This guy always draws a smile on your lips. On this song, as he doesn’t play keyboard, he stays with Miku to do the choreography together. But in the middle of the song, he went back to his keyboard and Miku introduces the band members to the audience one more time. The choregraphy which followed is funny again, the riffs were good and the fingers drew the shape of a heart. The fans copyied every move while the drummer played a good part of the song. The band then took some more time for some water and towels… while the fans screamed some Japanese sentences or words.

Kakusei Heroism was introduced by drummer Teruki.
Nhappy ! Bonjour Paris ! Nhappy ! Is it ok ?
There is lot of japanese restaurants in Paris. Do you like ? Sushi ? Udon ? Teruki ? Do you like me ? Thank you !
Merci ! Je t’aime !
Domo arigatogozaimashita !
Miku also came back to speak.
Do you like Teruki ? Do you like Teruki ? Do you like Teruki ?
Do you want more ? Do you want more ?
And the next song began, letting the drum and bass express their power ! At this point, I was no longer at the gate, but finally in the An Cafe World ! I liked the second part of the show more.
Itai Onna followed for a more hard rock feel. All stood in front of the audience, with their feet on the fence. It was another good song with a nice drum part. They screamed Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Or clapped their hands. Miku went on the left and he knelt down.

The next song was quite interesting and my favorite, called Maple Gunman. How can I explain all of it… the audience was jumping so much and Miku asked the crowd to jump even more ! It was definitely the hottest moment of the evening. And for the first time, Miku jumped too! Kanon moved too and eventually, they all wouldn’t stop moving on the stage. No pause was allowed as we quickly heard the first notes of Cherry Saku Yuki while Miku said :
Thank you for coming tonight ! Last song ! Are you ready ?
The audience was singing and they were very reactive. Miku has a large smile on his face and the same big smile was on Takuya too. Merci ! Thank you ! The audience was doing the same choreography as Miku, while the fans of Yu-ki copy his moves. Teruki seemed to be having fun by hitting his drum louder and louder!

The band disappeared and the fans begin calling them to come back. AN CAFE !!!
Soon, it was time for the Encore and they all come back in Nhappy Tour t-shirts for Bonds Kizuna.
Thank you for Encore ! My heart is very beating to see you again !
I enjoy love ! Arigato !
My heart beats for Paris ! Last song. My heart beat for Paris ! Merci !
They gave some heart-shapes with their fingers with big smiles on their faces. For half of the song, the guitarist and the bassist were in the middle. Miku played with the audience the whole time, still smiling. THANK YOU !
Then, it was time for the last song : My heart leaps for C and also a picture!
Shall we take a picture please ? Ok.
Tonight, it was the letter R.
Please, down !?
3, 4, 5… ? No ! 3, 2, 1 !
They gave a long good bye and shook the hands of the first rows, giving some high fives too.
See you again ! I’ll be back for sure ! Bye !



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