It was just an ordinary day for most people but for Kpop fans, 14th of June was a day beyond surreal. Filipino and foreign BOICE flocked SM Megamall’s Event Center to attend the Open Press Conference organized for the first Korean band to ever hold a world tour – CNBLUE. The band’s first visit to Philippines was a dream come true to PH-BOICE, and their warm appreciation overpowered the buzz of Manila life as they filled the venue with smiles and cheers to show their love and support for the band.

Before CNBLUE arrived the venue, concert tickets were given away through a series of games. There were fans who sang and danced, cheered, gave trivia about the group, and some even spelled the members’ names with their bodies. Fans chanted “CNBLUE” many times during the games, making everyone stop once in a while to check if the band has already arrived. After the games, the organizer signaled the arrival of the group and everyone went crazy. Some fans who stood behind the barricades got hurt and the security had a hard time controlling them from pushing. Even the press area got crowded as some seats at the back were moved a bit forward to accommodate the security and staff who kept the barricades up.

CNBLUE arrived at the venue around 3PM wearing earth-toned semi-formal clothes that made them even more handsome. They look fresh and relaxed, and their eyes glittered with the sight of their fans. The screams got louder and the crowd became harder to control. Yong Hwa danced a bit as he walked towards the front, showing how happy he was to have finally met their fans here in the Philippines. The members waved and smiled a lot before greeting everyone and introducing themselves in Tagalog (PH language). It was such a treat for the fans who have waited for hours to see them. Most of these fans couldn’t afford to watch the concert, so seeing the group in the mall was their only chance. Everything was all worth the wait.

The press conference was tight. A popular television news anchor was invited to ask questions which narrowed our chances to ask the boys ourselves. It became difficult for the press to hear the boys’ answers (as well as their interpreter’s) because of the crowd’s cheers. There were also people who went to the front to take photos and videos that made it harder for most of us (press) to see the group so we opted to stand and squeezed ourselves through them, with raised hands (to ask questions), to move closer to the stage and also to be seen. After the news anchor, there were others (3 or 4 more) who were given a chance to ask the boys. Though there were limited seats, there were a number of press people who came and the battle to the microphone was tough. Most of those who were chosen to ask the boys were from the biggest networks in the country that were to air the news clips. I wasn’t able to ask the boys (which is frustrating) but together with the others who also didn’t get a chance, we settled in recording and writing the interview for reference (although barely audible).

They mostly said that they were really happy about seeing their Filipino fans and that they enjoy Manila and that they want to try Filipino food. They said some word in the language of the Philippines which makes their fans very happy and screaming even more. They did bring a lot of joy to their fans being funny and relaxed. After the interview, the fans started to sing Happy Birthday to Yonghwa. The place was filled with emotions as Yonghwa was saying to their fans “I love you”. Then, it was already time
to say goodbye.

After CNBLUE left, there were fans who cried and there were fans who stayed, waiting and hoping for their beloved idols to come back. Most of them may not be able to watch the concert, but with the boys’ charms and love that graced and touched all who went to see them, this experience will definitely be one of the many CNBLUE imprints every BOICE will cherish all throughout their fangirl lives. CNBLUE and BOICE – DAEBAK!

Review by Jkod