15th June 2013, Saturday – CNBLUE (CODE NAME BLUE) rocked Araneta Coliseum down with their first ever visit and concert in the Philippines. Manila was painted a Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional kind of blue as BOICE filled the big dome with their overwhelming love and support to the band. The group showcased their awesome skills and talents with their charms and playful personalities that made the fans crazy and wanting for more.

The concert started at 8PM but the dome was already filled an hour before, and most fans were already screaming at the sight of CNBLUE and other Kpop groups on the monitors. Even with just the name “CNBLUE” on the screens made most fans already screaming their hearts out. The moment the stage lit up and the lights at the audience area went off, blue light took over the darkness and fans cheered on as they waited for the band to appear on stage.

The introduction video showed the members ascending stairs of blue light and sending out light waves of music and energy with their instruments and passion, as if to say they’re sending and expressing their love to their fans through their music. After the video, two floor openings lit up revealing the boys ascending the stairs to the stage, waving to the fans and (Jung Shin) giving out a heart sign. The boys wore simple and sexy shirts and jeans fit for a rock concert (Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk wearing white and Jong Hyun and Jung Shin wearing black). Yong Hwa took his jacket off as the dome got heated by the screams, and Jung Shin wore a red cap that suit him well – these made the fans crazier.

CNBLUE made a great jump-start with their opening song, Where You Are (Japanese). The fans made the performance even more powerful by singing along, waving their light sticks, and jumping to the beat. They sang Get Away (Japanese), and One Time before greeting their fans. The band shifted to their slow love songs Naran Namja, Coffee Shop, and Have A Good Night (Japanese). The band geared up to more upbeat and technical music after and got the crowd more lively with Wake Up (Japanese), Love Light, Feeling (Japanese), These Days, Y/Why, La La La, Just Please, Tattoo, In My Head, and Intuition. Stage effects (fireworks) hyped BOICE even more, and the members’ talk times engaged the crowd even more, and made everyone laugh with them during their talks. The first half ended with the group’s performances of I’m A Loner and I’m Sorry – the fan chants were amazing that you could feel the outpour of emotions from both the members and the fans. The stage lights went off and the fans continued chanting “We want more!” and “CNBLUE”.

CNBLUE opened the second half with a cool and energetic performance of Hey You, making people stand and jump even more. This time, they wore BLUE MOON shirts and got the people even more energetic with colorful stage backgrounds. After the song, Min Hyuk caught the audience’s attention by reading a Tagalog message written on a piece of paper. Jung Shin followed after him and Jong Hyun did the same, asking the fans to sing Yong Hwa a Happy Birthday. Yong Hwa was touched with the members’ surprise. He thanked everyone wholeheartedly wearing a party hat handed over to him by Jong Hyun. They also sang more of their hits – Love Girl, an impromptu song, You’ve Fallen For Me (OST), and LOVE. Yong Hwa made an innocent mistake when he mentioned Singapore instead of Philippines. He apologized many times and the fans cheered him on saying “Gwenchana” (It’s alright). Everybody laughed with him and moved on to another song – It’s definitely a moment everyone will remember.

The last song was a sweet pop ballad, Try Again, Smile Again. Yong Hwa thanked everyone in Tagalog and said “Mahal kita” (I love you). Yong Hwa moved closer to the audience and wore a Donald Duck hat he received from a fan. After their last song, CNBLUE took a souvenir photo with the fans at the background. They walked and bowed together on different sides, making the fans cry. They promised to come back and the fans will surely hold on to that. The concert ended at 10:30 PM.

BLUE MOON in Manila has ended, but the love shared by CNBLUE and BOICE has no end. A promise has been made and no time or distance can ever break that promise. CNBLUE BLUE MOON TOUR IN MANILA is definitely DAE to the BAK!!!

Review by JKOD