On Sunday the 22nd of June 2014, the fans of Mikaru could enjoy his new project GLAMS.

This little vampire brought his ‘Under The Moon’ tour to Luik, Belgium to hold his concert on the boat La Lièga. He was supported with Tetsuto on base and Syu (of Blackline) as his DJ. And they did a great job to keep the crowd happy.

The location, La Lièga, looked like an old, dirty boat from the outside but once inside it was a real surprise. It was really charming and cozy.
Before the concert started Mikaru, Syu and Tetsuto took some time out to take personal pictures with the fans that bought a VIP ticket.

The concert itself was amazing. Mikaru has a firm and piercing voice that just makes you float in all the emotions he wanted to transfer. From sweet ballads to some real heavy rock. As a cherry on the cake we were also treated on some nostalgia with ‘Carry Dawn’ out of his Dio time period.

I was really sad to see that only 20 people showed up for this concert of GLAMS because they really deserve better but considering the location this was probably not so bad. The boat wasn’t all that big.

But it had its advantages. Maybe just because there were so few people there Mikaru had a chance to have fun with his entire audience on a rather personal level. He could just sing, dance and jump between the people, he came really close to everyone ethicizing them to jump and dance with him. I don’t think I ever been to a concert where I got this close to an artist.

It showed that Mikaru has a real playful and charming radiation and because of that we happily forgive him for the few notes out of key. They’re all forgiven and forgotten. It was a definite success. So if you ever get the chance to see him, go for it!

Review by Vicky