“On November 26th, I went to Crush’s concert in Milan, the second European stop for his “2016 CRUSH ON YOU TOUR: WONDERLUST”. It was an incredible experience from start to end and I am really happy to have been able to attend it (thank you Kinetic Vibe and Amoebaculture!).

I arrived at the venue, the club Tocqueville (very famous in Milan), at 4PM and there were already quite a few fans outside the venue. I talked with some of them: some were from Milan, some from other Italian cities and a lot of them were actually foreigners. It still amazes me how great these concerts are because they bring together people from all around Europe.

The VIP-ticket holders were already queuing diligently near the entrance while the staff and some volunteers went around distributing bracelets that helped identifying the fans (based on their ticket).

Fans should have entered at 4:30PM but it wouldn’t be a concert without a little delay. They let them in at 4:45PM and the staff was so kind to let us, the press, in too. Once all the VIP fans were in, the meet&greet could start.

I’ve never attended a session like this, nor as a fan or as a reporter. It was quite interesting to observe though. At the beginning, Crush was a little shy but after two or three pictures he relaxed a bit and it was amusing to see how he secretly tried to sign autographs and to take some selfies with the fans – it was strictly prohibited as there was the official photographer. The session went on smoothly and at the end Crush called out Millic, the DJ/producer who’s accompanying him during the tour, to take some funny pics. What a pair they are!

Us from the press soon followed the artist downstairs where the concert would take place. We couldn’t actually attend the sound check but from the room we were asked to wait, we could listen to his voice and it was so good. I will probably say this a lot during this review but Crush’s voice is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever heard, not only in Kpop but ever.

Once the sound check was done, a very kind staffer from Kinetic guided us to our spot. We were super close to the stage, on the right. It was amazing but a little unfortunate since we couldn’t really take good pictures of Crush during the performance: there was a red light pointing at us and we were way too much at the side. Light aside, I could only take pictures of Crush’s back.

Despite these two difficulties, the concert was absolutely amazing. The fans filled the room easily and they were the most hyped and participating crowd I’ve ever witnessed at a concert. During Millic’s opening, they kept inciting him and they followed each track he played with chants and chorus. It was amazing. Millic’s skills as a DJ are impressive, I really enjoyed his opening.

When Crush entered the stage the crowd went wild. He started off with some of his sunbaes’ songs, such as Jay Park’s “Mommae” and then performed some songs from his latest album and more. Again, his vocals are impressive. The sound was amazing so I could clearly listen to his voice; the instrumentals were never too loud. His vocal technique is almost perfect and when he does his trade-mark falsetto it gives goosebumps. His live voice is exactly as the one we listen on CDs, if not better.

Amazing is also his interacting skills. Between songs he kept talking with his fans. The beautiful thing was that, unusually, there were some Korean fans too and a lot of non-Korean fans actually understood Korean, so Crush kept talking with them and they kept answering back! It was hilarious and it really made me happy. He also wrote a letter for the fans and read it aloud while his manager translating it to English. During one of the talks, he asked fans to teach him some Italians words: his pronunciation of “bella” (it means “beautiful” in Italian) can improve but he was just adorable while trying so hard to say it right.

He sang for two hours and fans sang along with him throughout it. It was really amazing. I think the interaction between him and the fans is what I treasure the most from this concert.

When I went home I couldn’t stop talking about the concert and how great it was. I think Crush is one of the most talented acts in the Korean music scene at the moment. Recently he also won “Best Vocal Performance Male Solo” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. I’m very glad he was recognized for his talent during such a big award ceremony, he deserves it.

I hope he will come back soon in Europe, maybe for a tour with Zico and Dean with whom he recently released the incredible song “Bermuda Triangle”.

Review by Martina B.