“We have had the chance to greet Elo and DJ Pumkin in Paris on Tuesday 18th of April for their small AOMG Europe tour. This is our short review.

As we were not able to attend the after party, we will focus on the actual concert.

That Tuesday, fans were waiting at the front of the club Java, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. At exactly 6:30PM, the first fans could enter the venue for their meet and greet. Once all the fans were inside, around 8PM, DJ Pumkin started the evening with a 30min set. CL, Jay Park, Justin Bieber, … The DJ heated up the place and set the tone for the evening by mixing sounds well known by the public.

At the end of the set, Elo made his entry on stage, tuxedo jacket and vintage sunglasses. He directly started the evening singing, his voice making fans melt. The songs followed one another, alternating with short talks from the singer. “Bonsoir” (“”good evening”” in French), “thank you’ (in Korean). Despite his weak vocabulary in French and English, fans helped the singer by speaking in Korean and encouraging him with all their heart.

We could also witness a funny moment of complicity between the artist and his public. While fans had yelled “Elo, Elo, Eloe” in rhythm, the latter started to shout, on the same rhythm, «Pumkin, Pumkin, Pumkin », then « Jay Park, Jay Park, Jay Park », then Simon D, Grey and AOMG, leaving the fans giggling and an artist saying “you guys are crazy”.

During the hour of his performance, ELO had planned a great gift, to our surprise. For the joy of our ears, he interpreted two parts of two songs a capella. The silence in the venue was almost sacred and the crowd was being blessed by his incredible voice. He has also improvised a short game for the fans. 2 persons out of the crowd were chosen by him to come up on stage and sing the rest of a song Elo started. The winner even had the chance to get her selfie with the singer and a hug with him and DJ Pumpkin.

As Elo suggested in his interviews, he felt the pressure of being from AOMG, thinking the expectations were already high in fans’ hearts. During the show, he held the game very well and was able to hold the name of his label proudly. At moments during his performance, he felt sorry for not having very energetic songs but fans let him know that his tracks were perfect. Elo is the kind of artist that, when you listen to him in concert, you have the feeling of hearing a studio version, that’s how stable and beautiful his voice is.

It was a very lovely evening with great music and a crazy atmosphere. Unfortunately, it went by too fast for my taste. We knew that Elo only has a mini-album at this time and knowing AOMG, we were expecting a American style evening. This said, the price of ticket and time on stage was perhaps a little excessive, but what saddened me most was the venue, which was not very adequate. Indeed, except for the first 4 rows, it was practically impossible to see the artist, as the stage was small and little elevated.

In any case, we recommend you to listen to «8 femmes », Elo’s mini album, as it would really be a shame to pass by such a beautiful voice!

Review by Carole