With no less than 10 dates, the Japanese band GANGLION was determined to show it’s talent to the European fans. This was the reason why JAPAKO Music was happy to go to Club Glazart, on the 4th of April, to their Parisian concert of “”Etoile Tour Live in Europe“”.
The concert started around 7pm, with two French support acts : J&S and Hybrid. The audience was not very crowded but it seemed full of energy, as they were eager to see and meet the 4 members of GANGLION.

Around 9pm, Oni (Vocals / Guitar), Sagara (Guitar), Ebi (Bass) and Vivi (Drums) make their entrance on stage, waving their fanclub towels. Dressed in traditional Japanese Kimono, the girls take quickly their instruments, eager to share their music with the Parisian crowd.
They open the show with Distance, from their third mini album INFINITY. The crowd seems to be taken immediately into their world as they perfectly master their instruments. By the end of the first song ,Oni welcomes everyone in French, the interaction between the band and the audience is natural. We are then carried away by “Koufuku no theory“” and “”Black Out“”. Because of the music and the crowds encouragement, the girls are at ease on stage as they play together. It makes the show visually interesting.
The songs are played one by one until the moment a little surprise is made to the French audience. Indeed, the band plays a cover of Edith Piaf‘s “”L’hymne à l’Amour”” and even Oni is singing a part in French. Then, each member is offers the crowd a solo moment during “”Go straight on your Way“”.

Despite their small size and delicate appearance, these 4 young Japanese women are full of energy and talent. This is the reason why they continue their concert, jumping around, communicating, and sharing with their audience, which by now seemed more than happy to see these four artists on stage. “”Loser“”, “”Tsuioku“” and “”Tonight“” are linked and we are already almost at the end of the concert. They thank the fans in French and leave the stage. But, as we are not ready to let them go yet, the audience shouts “”Encore ! Encore !””, and the girls come back quickly on stage. However this time, before starting their last song, it is the fans’ turn to make a surprise, at least to Sagara… as it is her birthday. The whole room and the other members sing a song. Then the concert finished on “”4Steps to be“”.
For us, it’s time to go back home. We are happy to have been able to attend the show as it was full of talent. For the band, it was time to continue the European tour.
We hope to see them again soon, and we hope that many of you will support them.
By Cristina