Set list:

02. Leech
03. Before I decay
10. Headache Man
12. Cockroach
13. Filth in the beauty


14. Shiver
15. Ruder
16. Linda ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~


Japako Music got the chance to assist to the concert of the GazettE in Dortmund. It’s pretty rare to have the chance to see one the most famous J-Rock bands in Europe, and we couldn’t miss it. The concert started on time, as usual with Asian artists, which I always appreciate a lot. When the GazettE arrived on Stage, the crowd starting to go crazy. If you want to see a bunch of Teenagers going wild, this is the place! They all started to shake their heads or even jump on each others. It was scary enough for me to decide to hide myself in a corner of the venue. Anyway, in between this craziness, I could appreciate the performance of the GazettE which was the most important.

All the members were very impressive, but I have to say RUKI has such a presence on stage. He stands out from the rest with his huge Charisma. AOI is not without charisma neither. They all looked very good, I liked the way they were dressed up, very fashionable. Sadly, I didn’t see much of URUHA as he was at the other side of the stage and KAI was hidden by his drum. I could appreciate his drum skills though as I was able to see him play for a few minutes. It amazes me every time. REITA was not showing his face very often as he was bended on his bass, fortunately it didn’t hide his talent. AOI, always one of the best guitarist in the world, was intensively playing every song, putting a lot of emotions in it. RUKI is simply amazing, his voice is great, but I was particularly astonished by his acting skills. He acted every song he sang, like he was living the lyrics he was singing, giving the maximum of emotions to the crowd. They really gave 100% of themselves on stage.

The crowd was doing exactly the same moves as the Japanese fans for each songs. RUKI asked a few times to his public to go crazy, which they clearly did. I think the screams were the loudest I have ever heard in a concert. But it’s also a concert where I saw the most girls fainting or feeling bad. The medical team had a lot of work that night!

Unfortunately, this amazing concert lasted only 1 hour and a half which is way less than a concert in Japan. They didn’t sing as many songs as I was expecting. They did a very good mix between their most recent songs and their old ones. I especially loved „Filth in the beauty“ as personally it’s one of my favorite song of the GazettE. They finished the concert with their usual „Linda“ where the crowd participated in making this stage a wonderful moment.

All in all, it was an amazing concert as I was expecting from the GazettE. Though I would have appreciated to be able to see this concert from a safer place, I am sure I would have seen it a bit better. Anyway, the most important was that the fans were enchanted and the members had fun on stage. The GazettE and their fans have been able to connect during 1 hour and a half. And of course, it was great to see the best J-Rock band of the moment on stage!


Review by Virginia Clinberghe