GOT7 kicked off the “GOT7: First Fan Meeting in USA 2015” tour, presented by JazzyGroup, on May 6, 2015 at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, CA.
Before the actual fan meeting, JAPAKO Music had the chance to attend the private press conference. During the conference, MC Dave Yoon asked GOT7 some questions regarding their tour.

Some highlights from the conference are below:

Q: How do you feel being on tour in the United States for the first time?
JB: We’ve had many fan meetings in Asia, but it’s an honor to be able to come to the US
for a fan meeting. Later, we want to be able to come back to have an actual solo

Mark: We never thought that we would come to the States this early. We actually
thought we would come maybe 3 years or 4 years later, but we came to the States
pretty fast. We’re all really happy that we can meet our fans in the States. Hopefully, we
can come back soon and have our concert.

Q: Please share your first impression of your fans here.
Mark: In Asia, the fans are really touchy. They follow us like this *gets really close to
Yugyeom and earns laughs from the press* Like really close to us, but then, in the
States, the fans are really nice and polite. They keep their distance from us. When
they’re following us in the airport or outside, they listen to our manager. When our
manager says, “Oh, don’t touch them,” then they stop. They’re really open minded.

Q: Any thoughts about an English album?
Jackson: Well, of course, but it’s not really up to us. JYP has to decide. Everybody can
speak English in our team, a little bit. Youngjae, speak English right now!
Youngjae: *startled* Thank you.
Jackson: See? See?
*Everyone laughs*

Q: Is there anything that your fans can look forward to tonight?
JB: Firstly, because it’s a fan meeting, there are games. Though the games, we are
able to interact more. We’ve never performed in the United States before. Thus, fans
must’ve seen us through videos only, so we hope you can watch over us well as we
perform in front of our fans.

Q: If you guys could collaborate with a US artist, who would it be and why?

Bambam: Maybe Justin Bieber? Because he followed me on Twitter. *laughs* No, I
love his music and I’m a big fan of Justin Bieber, so if I have a chance, maybe one time,
we can make a song together.
Yugyeom: Because I started my dream of being a singer thanks to Chris Brown, I want
to collaborate with him.

After the press conference, the fan meeting finally began! The boys started the night with “Stop Stop It,” hyping up IGOT7s (GOT7’s official fan club name) before going on to perform “Gimme.”

Following the two opening performances, the boys sat down for a round of fan questions. One of the questions was a request for a dance battle between GOT7’s leader, JB, and the youngest of the group, Yugyeom. Rapper Jackson also surprised fans as he beatboxed for the two. The battle resulted in Yugyeom’s win, but inspired the eldest member, Mark, to slyly have their leader force fellow member Jr. to show off his freestyle dance moves as well. After Jr.’s dance, Jackson announced that main vocal, Youngjae, would teach everyone how to dougie.Youngjae showed off his moves, impressing the crowd and earning laughs from his members.

With the crowd fired up, the boys moved onto the first fan interaction segment: Magical Chairs! More famously known as musical chairs (but renamed Magical Chairs by member Jackson), fourteen lucky fans joined GOT7 on the stage to play the game together. As everyone waited for the chosen fans to go onto the stage, all the members put the spotlight on the second youngest member,  Bambam, who made the fans go wild with his girl group dances. Once the fans were on stage, and before the game commenced, MC Dave Yoon allowed the fans to confess their love to their bias members, who gave the fans hugs. When the game began, unfortunately, all seven of the GOT7 members were eliminated after the first round, but the boys stayed close-by to make sure their precious, surprisingly competitive, fans did not get injured while rushing to grab a chair and become the winner.

The energy continued as the boys then performed “Forever Young” and “Magnetic.” A touching moment was shared on stage when a surprise birthday event was thrown for Bambam, who had just celebrated his 18th birthday on the 2nd of May.

Then, the second fan interaction segment began. Seven more lucky fans were called onto the stage to play the game, “Identify,” named after the boys’ first full-length studio album.

The boys stood behind the seven blindfolded fans and made random noises, and the fans had to identify which member was making the noise. Surprisingly, two fans were able to identify the members correctly until the very end and became the winners.
Sadly, the fan meeting soon came to an end as the boys wrapped it up with “Girls Girls Girls” and “A.” When the boys left the stage, the fans chanted, “Encore,” and of course, the boys accepted the request! They blew the fans away with all seven boys performing.

JB and Jr.’s unit group’s (JJ Project) song, “Bounce,” and “A (remix version).” Despite a few logistical and communication issues during the night, the two-hour long fan meeting ended as a huge success! GOT7 went on to successfully complete the remaining two tour stops in Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX.  The boys are now in back in South Korea, working hard to bring great news
for fans in the future!

Review by Colleen