Heidi themselves made their first step in 8 years of activity to the European Countries and have given an awesome show to more than 100 people.

The Entrance begun with a delay but it did not affected the start of the show itself. People were calmly waiting for the show to begin. Before the Main Act, Unsayn, a german Rock band from Bonn, performed. They opened the show with 4 Songs, such as “”Endless Rage“, “”Dear Fucker“ and more. They proved that German rock bands can sing in Japanese too and the crowd went wild with the Band.
After a short Break the Band Heidi. entered the Stage. They begun with a fuzz and the crowd went nuts. Each song they played was welcomed with a big shout and the band themselves worked really hard to talk to the fans in German and as well in English.They played for about 2 hours and songs such as “”Ryuseidive“ and “”Landscape“ were some of the songs which made the crowd head bang the most. But, songs like “”Kumorizora hi ha koimoyou“ gave the fans some break between shouting and head banging.

Except from the little sound problem, they managed to rock the whole crowd and left the stage with huge Smiles.