On May 29th 2015, it was with an intimate setting that the Japanese artist Hizaki (Versailles and Jupiter) made a stop at Covent Garden in Eragny (near Paris), to offer to his French fans, a concert of his first European solo tour.
A mixed public and all ages responded to the call and came to support the guitarist for his French date.
It was 8:30 p.m. when the lights switched off and an Intro with a female a voice was heard. Hizaki made his entrance on stage, dressed as usual in a very feminine way, under the applause of a small audience.
As our guitarist came alone for this tour, it is all by himself that he showed us what is a real solo stage for more than 1:30hours. Nevertheless, the light show and his theatrical behavior built an impressive presence.

He mastered perfectly his guitar and no one could doubted of his talent any longer. Every riff, every change of pace… everything is acquired for this artist whose reputation is well established. But, being alone on stage also means that you need to manage all the problems without the public to notice it. Indeed, if there is a miss, if a sequence between two songs is too long, it breaks the rhythm of the concert. Unfortunately for tonight, two large technical problems forced him to start over several times two of his songs until he was able to perform them correctly to the end. During those two failed moments, he was inviting the public to hit a rhythm with his hands… and by showing us his professional side, he managed to finish his concert without more disturbs.
Hizaki has demonstrated through his concert that a guitarist can be close to his crowd like a singer. The Japanese artist liked to come forward scene to play with his fans, he looked at them and played with them. Asking them time to time to clap or to not make any noise. He managed to be close to his public and break the fourth wall. Hizaki transported the crowd in his world. Those fans will sure keep a good memory of the show.