On October 26th 2013, Jay Park was for the first time on stage in Paris, accompanied by the rapper Dok2 as a support act, for his European tour. Despite the inclement weather, the waiting outside the doors of the Palais des congrès de Montreuil which seemed endless and some organization problems, the concert began with a frenzy public, who was not cooled down by the delay.

It’s the Rapper Dok2 that started the festivities for a first part of about 30 minutes, chaining hip-hop titles such as „I’m III“, “”Bandz & Benz”” or “”Boogie On & On”” of Beenzino as the crowd took up the chorus with enthusiasm, literally making the ground shake.

Jay Park then made his entrance on stage with his cover of „Nothin’ on you“ to the cheers of the audience, before presenting himself briefly in French and shouting a seducing „I love you“. Without giving more respite, he then engaged in romantic of sexy titles such as Joah””, “”Girlfriend””, “”Star”” and “”Turn Off Your Phone””, before reaching other more hip-hop tracks such as “”Appetizer”” and “”Know Your Name””. Note that Jay has also removed his shirt during “”I Like 2 Party””, making the atmosphere even more electric.

Dok2 returned on stage in order to conclude this concert with a few collaboration titles such as “”My Love””, “”Sashil-eeya”” and “”Enjoy The Show””, and their bows are barely noticeable as the crowd shouted and applauded. It’s on a quick return on stage in order to throw roses in the audience that the concert of Jay Park and Dok2 comes to an end.

The artists of the independent label AOMG were able to enjoy warming up a relatively intimate stage while exploring a wide variety of their musical facets and promised that this first time won’t be the last.

Review by Fanny