In February, the Japanese band Jupiter performed two dates as part of the Classical Element Tour 2014 in Europe: one in France and one in Germany. Here is the review of the French concert (2014.02.08).
The Covent Graden Studios of Eragny and 33 Degrees welcomed 200 Jupiter‘s fans from all across Europe. I could hear English, French, German, Italian and Spanish in the crowd. The show will started at 07:35pm and finished at 09:40pm. Yes, a 2 hours show for those ex-Versailles members and their 200 fans!

The show began with each member introducing himself and taking their place on stage. From the crowd, drummer Yuki went behind, guitarist Hizaki on the right, guitarist Teru on the left, with bassist Masashi and of course, singer Zin in the middle. The audience was more than ready before the first notes of Blessing of the Future even began. The visual element of the show was huge: beautiful costumes, and perfect make-up and hair. There were no wrong notes in Zin’s vocals and all the musicians were good.

The audience was jumping in time with the music and their hands were in the air doing the rock sign. All the way through the songs, they were screaming.
Zin asked them twice: « Are you ready ? Are you fucking ready ? »
Guitarist Teru came to the front of the stage, he called to the fans and ARIA begun!
Hands remained in the air and the audience started to scream « Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! » while the first row tried to touch Zin’s hand. Then, guitarists Teru and Hizaki were on each side of the stage, to call the audience while the singer was in the middle, on a pedestal. Bassist Masashi came to see the fans too.

After a « Thank you very much ! » and a few sips of water, it was time for Decadence to be performed. A gothic intro followed with a lot of headbanging each time there was an instrumental part in the song. Yes, they are good musicians and it was a pleasure to watch them play. The audience was following the changing tempo of the song, which was a mix of Rock and some kind of melodious waltz.
They band said the second « Thank you very much ! » of the evening and then they began ALLEGORY CAVE.
Zin screams and when he doesn’t, he asked the fans « Scream for me ! »… and then it was time for a devil solo of guitarist Hizaki.

The solo of bassist Masashi followed and introduced RHYTHMOS. Between the « Should we go ? », « Come on ! », and « Follow me ! » from the singer, the audience clapped and jumped. I bet many of them were able to sleep well after such a concert ! As for me, I really enjoy the music of all the tracks.
Of course, with so much energy expended, the softer intro of Nostalgie was more than welcome.
The fans had their hands dancing in the air, while the ballad and its riffs were played. It looked like an ocean with slow waves. Jupiter‘s members were enjoying the view as much as anyone else.

Race Wish gave  the audience the possibility to scream the names of the musicians again, since the intro of this ballad sounds like what you can hear in a gothic church… not too loud, not too shy. But Hizaki on guitar was louder during the instrumental riffs. It is at this moment I saw something quite interesting and funny. Musicians come to practice and play at Covent Graden Studios all the time, and the room where Jupiter played that evening is next the bar of the complex. Hearing such riffs and music, the French musicians were tentatively coming to listen to the strange disguised musicians. I wonder how many of them left, thinking Hizaki is a beautiful female guitarist ?!

Finally Yuki talked for the first time of the evening. « Thank you ! Good evening ! I’m very happy to be back in Paris. Do you want to share a very sad song ? Are you sure ? Are you sure ? This song is called SILENT KNIGHT ! »
Another ballad, another beautiful melody and another intrumental called a new ocean of hands waving from the audience. Then it was time for Heaven’s Atlas and Zin disappeared to give the stage to the four musicians. Hizaki finally spoke and said Hello four times.

Zin came back and they all called the fans and screamed, asking everyone to SHOUT YOUR DESIRE. They went everywhere and the singer touched the hands of the first rows. « Paris, thank you very much ! » they said in french before saying « Arigato ! » and « Paris ! Show me your fist ! » or « Paris ! Scream for me ! ». The audience screamed « Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah ! ». Each member went to the front of the stage to interact with the fans.
« Paris ! Paris ! Thank you so much ! LAST MOMENT ! This song is just for you ! This song is called LAST MOMENT ! ».
After, the solos of Hizaki were followed by those of Teru.

Jupiter had their towels in their hands and thanked the audience one more time. The towels were being swung above their heads while Zin was screaming : « Are you ready ? Are you ready ? Are you ready ? Scream for me ! Are you fucking ready ? This song is called Scarlet ! Scream for me ! »

He screamed and sung while he did some high fives with fans and started a headbanging competition with the fans ! Now, that’s what I call a finale ! They said I love you in Japanese and Thank you in french several times which was welcomed by a loud applause from the audience.

A Classical Element followed with a musical intro of a calm and melodic instrumental.
It was a mix of strong riffs and musical solos, singing parts and melodies.
The music, which was similar to that played at the end of Mass, then played while they thanked or applauded the audience and… the fans applauded them back. They left the stage to let the fans scream for the Encore !

They all came back wearing t-shirt’s for the Encore and then Zin asked for silence… to then shout his best « Je vous aime ! » to the crowd.
Then it was time for the ballad Forever with you and Symmetry Breaking, which was the perfect transition between the calmness of the previous song and the next one. Symmetry Breaking is a hard song to follow and Zin guided the audience and walked among the first row… and when he came back on stage, it was time to start a jumping competition with the crowd. « Jump mother fucker ! Let’s sing together ! ».

Blessing of the Future gave the possibility for them to say that they are very happy to see the fans this evening… and to be ready for the real finale.
After some kisses from Zin and Teru and some guitar solos, it was time to say good bye and they bowed in front of the fans.
Zin cried, while the others were throwing water on the crowd. There was a final « We will come back soon! » and the show is finished. Arigato Jupiter! Arigato to the fans!

Vampire G