“On 15th of April, I had the great pleasure to attend the concert of the well-known south Korean rapper “”Keith Ape“” during his European Tour. The concert was held in London, at a famous venue named “”Scala”” by the Asian company Parcha who were also celebrating their 7th year as an events company.

I arrived in London quite early and the queue for the concert started really late, about half an hour before the concert. I was surprised since I was expecting a lot of people in the queue, since all the tickets were sold out for the concert. There were only about 20 people in front of me which allowed me to be in the first row during the concert. While waiting in the queue, everyone was extremely friendly, and I met a lot of people from all around England waiting for Keith’s concert. I was surprised to see a lot of non kpop fans at the event, most of them were just Keith´s fans.

The venue was not big, so no matter where you stood you could perfectly see the stage, but I had the luck to be in the front row so I could see Keith from up close, exactly how I wanted it. Before the concert we had a DJ who started the event with great hip hop and dance music and got everyone excited as we were waiting for the main star. Everyone started dancing and enjoying themselves and it was a really chill and relaxing vibe in the air.

The opening act was a Nepalese rapper named Yodda and I have to be honest, I usually get so bored during opening acts. The crowd is usually waiting for the main act and I can’t wait for the opening guy to get off stage. But this time was different. The guy had an amazing energy and his songs were so energetic and vibrant, and even though I did not understand a single word, the music just made you jump around and start dancing. He had a lovely personality as well, always thanking us for turning up for him even though we did not know him. He also sent some positive messages towards the end about racism and all of us being a family while gathered together and unified by music. And he was right, it was nice to see so many people from so many places, partying and dancing together no matter the race or nationality. In my opinion that is the beauty of music, the fact that it can bring people together.

After Yodda, Keith Ape hit the stage after a break of about 15 minutes and the crowd went insane. I didn´t mind being pushed around because that is the beauty of concerts, right? I like the crowds who go crazy, who enjoy the music and the moment at max and don’t stay still, or on their phones being bored. Keith Ape was exactly how I expected him to be. He was wearing some baggy clothes and trainers, his hair was straight and most of the time on his face blocking his view, and his energy was on another level!

I’ve never seen someone rapping so fast and so good live! With every song, he jumped around, he moved and made the crowd go wild. At some point, I felt like he was splitting fire, not words on that mic. He had this habit of throwing water at the public, and being in the front row, at the end of the concert I had a massive shower. (Thanks Keith). His rapping skills are phenomenal, he is even better live than on tape. I was amazed by his talent and he definitely deserves all the fame and praise he is getting and even more!

The concert was on fire, and everyone was so turned up by Keith! At the end of the concert he performed his most famous song “”It G Ma“” and the crowd went insane. All the staff and crew members came on stage to join him. There were confetti coming from everywhere, everyone was jumping, screaming and singing and Keith was the centre of attention. He gave all his energy to that song and I´ve never seen a crazier performance. He performed the song twice, because the crowd screamed for a second time. And the second time was as crazy as the first time.

After the concert, there was an after party until 6 am in the morning. Everyone stayed and also, more people came for the party. The venue turned into a club and everyone danced until the morning to R&B, dance or hip hop hits. I made a lot of friends on that party and we promised to meet again for more Korean concerts!

Overall, it was one of the craziest nights of my life, the concert and Keith Ape were absolutely amazing, and the energy was something I’ve never experienced before! Keith’s talent, stage presence, and rapping skills cannot be compared to anyone´s and I would love to see him perform again!

Review by Andreea Cristina Mihai