Date : February 22nd, 2013
Location : Crystal Club Berlin
Tour : The world of Light 2013

Review :

Yesterday, 22nd of February, Sandie and I attended the concert of The Microhead 4N’s in Berlin. When we arrived, we were a bit skeptical as the venue was very little. It seemed a bit weird at first, but after a few minutes already, we could see that it was filled with a lot of girls of course but also a few guys. As expected from Asians, the concert started on time. Before coming on stage, we had a big intro, with some nice sound effects. When The Microhead 4N’s appeared, the screams were very loud. The venue being little didn’t matter, the welcome was very warm.

From where we were, we could see the cute bassist Zero who was sweating a lot after a few songs, the handsome guitarist Kazuya who was really enthusiastic all along the concert, the impressive singer Ricky who might be small but you clearly cannot miss him, the other guitarist Shun with his American hairstyle and the sexy drummer Tsukasa that we didn’t see enough as he was hidden behind his drums. We could clearly notice that Zero is the most popular among the girls and he is also very good in fan service.

They started with the hit song of their album „Hello my clone“, warming up the crowd very quickly. Ricky was trying to say a few words in German sometimes which was really cute. They tried to speak in English most of the times and I think their European fans can be really thankful for that. Kazuya was motivating the crowd to scream and jump all along the concert and he wasn’t forgetting the back of the venue, encouraging everybody to join. As the concert was touching to the end, the crowd came on fire. But also the members of The Microhead 4N’s, especially Zero who gave the possibility to a lot of fans to touch him. I was almost scared for him to be taken in the crowd, but fortunately nothing bad happened. We also got an amazing instrumental part in the middle of the concert which put the crowd even more on fire. It seems that the first part of the concert ended way too soon.

For the Encore, they did a big presentation of each members. They were all trying to speak in English, a bit broken English, but it was really nice. Tsukasa even sang a little bit with his strong voice, suddenly showing himself a bit more, which was a good thing as we could admire him a bit. They also took a picture with the crowd behind them as a souvenir. Zero threw water at the fans. The concert finished very well and I think everybody was happy.

All I can say is that The Microhead 4N’s has a lot of potential, they are doing amazing music. They are impressive on stage and they can put a crowd on fire very quickly. Everything is there to be able to have the success. We hope they will get it soon and that they will come back in Europe with the same enthusiasm they showed during this concert. And next time, don’t hesitate to go see them, if they pass by your country of course!


Review by Vivi C.