Miyavi has recently came back to Europe for his FireBird-Tour. For me, it was the first concert with him after 10 years. In this past 10 years, I never managed to attend his concert around Europe, but this time I gladly got time to watch him play & perform.

Before we could have the fun with Miyavi, we got introduced to a Austrian Band called ‘Giant Anteater’, a post-modern-slow-crunch-pop-rock group. The raspy voice of the female singer echoed trough the venue, all what I saw where chilled people around me. They performed for about 30 minutes.

It took again more than 20 minutes to prepare the stage for Miyavi, but then darkness and suddenly Miyavi appearaned. He came by like a storm, fast movement, guitar riffs, shouting, dancing. It was such a spectacle to see him moving the whole crowd with such an enthusiasm. ‘Raise Me Up’ echoed trough the venue, followed by ‘So On It’. The fast movements of his hands on the guitar is a whole new level. To be honest, I thought in 2007 what the hell is he doing with his guitar. But on this day I was way more impressed with this stage of level.

A sudden change in mood happened. Miyavi held a speech about missing home and to be everywhere in the world, and that in his heart he knows where his home is. A  beautiful female voice came out of the speakers. Melodie, his wife, introduced us to the Song ‘Where Home is’. With his skilful hands on the guitar, the song became such a beautiful ballad. Soon after that the ballad version of ‘Youth of the Nation’ (original by P.O.D) echoed trough the venue, all around me where singing all along to the Lyrics. Seriously, it was a moment of appreciation, the song itself got a wonderful meaning. But the fans and Miyavi managed to top the original. It was just the slow down before the party started for real.

The whole concert was dominated by his fast movements on the guitar. During the breaks Miyavi spoke open to the fans, the honesty of his words where appreciated by the people.

At a silent moment, the fans used the moment to request a very popular song, ‘Freedom Fighter‘. After a long back and forth between fans and him, he passed and started to play a part of the song. As he got told, its a “Cologne tradition” and he pretended that he did not knew that this tradition existed. This was one of the many moments of laughter. He really knows how to move all of the people in the venue, even the ones who don’t know him, and if they don’t want to move they clearly where impressed by his skills on the guitar.

It was a good mixture of old and new song such as ‘Firebird’, ‘The Others’, ‘Long Nights’, ‘Horizon’ and more. A great mixture of all his songs he released in his 15 years of being the Artist ‘Miyavi’.

All what I want to request is, a song where he includes the voices of his fans in the world. Its so beautiful how the fans sing along to all of his songs he was playing.

Review by Zero