On the 18th of May, we attended the concert of Plunklock and Calmando Qual in Cologne (Germany).

As we were waiting outside before the beginning of the concert, we could notice the very unique and eccentric style of their fans. Some of them were dressed as a cat or a geisha while others were in a Gothic and rococo style. We had the opportunity to speak with a few fans and ask them what they like about the bands performing that evening. Jana and Jenny didn’t know Plunklock and just shared their love for Calmando Qual with us by telling us that they were really happy to finally see them live.

The first fans to enter the venue  were the ones with VIP tickets, who got the chance to take a photo with both bands before the concert. Once inside we noticed there were not many fans, simply enough to cheers the two bands during the performances.

But what to say about this double concert? Well, it was great, though the venue was not that big. In a way, that wasn’t such a bad thing, because this really helped the interaction between the artists and their fans. We were in Cologne mainly for the concert of Plunklock but let’s start talking about Calmando Qual, who opened the show. Their performances were good and the songs were nice. Personally, the only difficulty for us, not knowing the group, was the struggling to feel the change from one song to another. The sounds were really similar. Hibiki, the singer of Calmando Qual tried to engage fans in a few moments by putting his microphone over the crowd and letting them sing along with him. Sometimes the others members switched their position but they were a bit stuck with their instrument, forgetting fans.

The performance of Calmando Qual finished, there was a break before restarting with the concert of Plunklock. The difference between the two groups was easy to see from their diverse entrance on stage. For Plunklock, the first to enter was Pinky who, with the help of his drum and his laptop, introduced the other members in music. Then Haruka and Seishou made their appearance followed by the much-loved singer Halo. The screams and cheers of the crowd were ​​stronger and stronger and from the beginning to the end, Halo involved the public as much as possible.
We really enjoyed listening to their songs and watching Plunklock‘s show. The mix between electronic sounds and their instruments was really great. We really appreciated this band, who interacted with the fans and make us laugh.

Plunklock was really active on stage compared to the other band. They were always moving and there was kind of a connection between them and the fans. Halo spoke in Japanese thrice, thanking the public and Cologne for the concert. All the fans were going crazy listening to him. For us, who don’t understand any Japanese, it was like listening to an Anime’s character, which was kind of funny.
Pinky is such a cute person. He was always smiling and was happy to sing along with Halo while he played drum passionately.

At the end of the concert, Plunklock were still playing and they didn’t want to stop. The owner of the club actually went on stage to pick up the members one by one and bring them away! The most funny moment, was Pinky‘s face; he was the last one still on stage. And when the owner took him, he was like: “”Oh My God! Look at him!! He picked me up!!””.

In conclusion, both bands have made great performances and fans really enjoyed it. Maybe too much because they were so unleashed that they left the concert as sweaty as the artists.

Review by Melanie and Sonia