How many times have you heard your idols promising to be back in your country? And how many times they kept this promise? If you’re living in Europe I guess not many times.

10th November last year United Asian group SAGA (debut in 2014) came to Wroclaw for their very first concert in Poland which was part of European tour. Due to visa issues Chinese member and vocalist Kevin wasn’t able to join his colleagues and SAGA as a duet made a promise to fans. “We’ll be back with Kevin.”

They kept their promise. In 2015 they’re back in Europe with Unite The World Tour 2015 and on 5th July they visited Warsaw in Poland. Despite many problems with organization, Rio (Japanese, Producer), Kevin (Chinese, vocalist) and Ramy (Korean, vocalist) met their fans in Voodoo Club and I had this luck to be with them.

To be honest I hadn’t known what should I have expected from them. I hadn’t heard any song and I decided to put SAGA to the very hard test which was making me their fan during the concert. Everyone knows that there is always very big difference between live shows and watching TV or fancams, usually fans can’t see when that difference is and that’s why this test should be hard to pass. I hadn’t had any thought about them, I didn’t check anything except of their names. I wanted them to own my heart with live performance.

My first expression was very simple but still very surprising for me. When I got to the club I saw few fans and… SAGA members going out from club to record video message. Fans didn’t shout and the group wasn’t scared of them. For me it was very surprising. I got used to see idols trying to avoid meeting fans on the street, in front of clubs etc. But they totally trust their fans.

Before the concert, VIP fans could meet SAGA backstage and take photos and selfies with them. That was another surprising even. Kevin sat next to fans, Ramy between two of them and spoke friendly with them. Again, I got used to band sitting on one side of the table and fans on other side or even few meters from them. SAGA members received white hoodies with their names on the front and logo on the back from one of the fans and took picture with her as she started to cry. That was really cute moment, especially when Ramy stood up and hug her fan. I can imagine how she felt.

Then the concert started. Rio was warming crowd all the time shouting “Jump”, “Hands up”, “Come on” and fans were just going crazy with them. Even if that was small concert it was as loud as it would be Michael Jackson there. I found out Kevin was very quiet, so is Ramy, but only at the beginning. After few songs they joined Rio and went crazy on the scene. Soon the trio started party with fans. There were so many interactions with fans. During one of their songs, “Give me Five”, everyone could give them five, during other hold their hands or even dance like with them.

They performed songs like “NA LUNA”, “Give me Five”, “Together”, “Misery”, “Freedom”, “Bang Bang Bang” and more and more. Kevin and Ramy sang solo songs and very beautiful mix of traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese song. This mix was one of first songs and it totally caught my heart. Even though that was first time I heard them, I fell for their charm and magical rhythm. I found out all members are very talented, friendly and full of energy, especially Rio who probably had too much energy! Ramy and Kevin’s voices match each other when they sing together in almost perfect harmony. With no doubts, I can say this band are meant to be this way.

It was very easy for fans to get closer with SAGA. Soon they found some great fanchants for them, which Rio even recorded. “Go SAGA” or “Go Ramy! Go Kevin! Go Rio!” could be heard during every speech of them and as Rio promised maybe we will be able to hear it on next CD! (Keep your promise, Rio!)

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. After almost two hours, or maybe more, time was so easily lost, SAGA left stage but not for too long. Fans were screaming “encore” until they finally came back in SAGA shirts. But that was time for another surprise. Fans suddenly started to sing “Together” in Polish language. I have never seen such speechless singers. Rio, Kevin and Ramy were standing there on the scene, watching their fans singing their song in own language and even sometimes trying to catch the words. It took few minutes for Rio to be able to say something more than “Oh my God”. Fans taught him main words in this song and with loud “Ruszaj!” (Let’s Go!) they moved to encore performance. Members sang “I love you” and one more song for encore and then “Give Me Five” again as special encore when fans started to sing “We will be the one” so loud. But that wasn’t the very end. Rio asked fans how to say “I love you” in polish and them one by one they tried to say “Kocham Cię” and go out from stage.

That wasn’t the end of the night. Everyone could go out from concert hall, buy some official goods and give them to SAGA for autograph. But fans never have SAGA enough, and half an hour later, a party with the band and a DJ started. I will never stop regretting that I wasn’t able to stay any longer. People could dance, drink and talk with members without any doubts or hesitate and had fun until dawn.

What is my final impression? I have never attended such a concert or party like that. I had really great fun with other people and I was really happy to meet SAGA personally. I found out those guys deserve everything. Fans, success and joy. They owned my heart with their talent, catchy songs and manner. You may know the answer if they pass my test. Yes, 100%, they passed. The only thing that could be better were the mics, sometimes I couldn’t hear Ramy’s voice.

SAGA made next promise to be back in Europe in autumn. Let’s hope that it will be another promise they’ll keep. I’m waiting for another great show.