For 10 years, SANA has been a Visual Kei artist. He was member of Japaneses bands like MASK (2003), Seven (2009) and Kain (2010). But as he wants to share his music outside Japan, and is embracing a solo career.

From his first album ‘Hitoribochi’ to his latest solo single ISM, SANA is showing constant evolution. Recently, he even decided to go to South America, to have a new inspiration and to learn English. This year, it is with the Synesthesia tour that we can see him in France, for his unique concert, at the Japan Touch Haru (Lyon).

It was 02:45pm when I arrived at Double Mixte Hall and I went directly in front of the stage which was on the first floor. The place was large and there was nothing to separate the stage from the several stands. Even though the concert didn’t start for another 45 minutes, I could already see a small crowd waiting for SANA. They were quiet, but I saw some signs to support him.
At 03:30pm, SANA came on stage to make his own adjustments. A small group of fans got excited but the rest of the crowd didn’t seem to react. And it’s not the microphone technical problems which helped to improve the atmosphere! Even if SANA, like a professional, tried to keep the crowd’s attention with a guitar solo. SANA waits the help of a technician but the staff were not very responsive and I could see on SANA‘s face that he was beginning to lose patience.
Finally, the new microphone was working and SANA‘s voice could be heard. Despite the disastrous start, he still seemed happy to be in front of fans

Alone on stage, in a minimalist environment which is bathed in lights that often hide him or dazzle us, SANA is only accompagnied by his guitar, his mic-stand and a tablet hanging to it. The singer-guitarist faced regular feedback problem during the whole performance. The crowd was very difficult to get into the mood, and t the end of the second song, he introduced himself in english, before then trying something in Japanese. He was surprised and happy to see the crowd reacting more to his Japanese speech than the english one. His regular interventions, for example the “”DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? CALL ME SANA-SAMA!””, put everybody in the mood and the atmosphere became more cheerful.

SANA is without doubt a very talented guitarist… but I can’t say he is as talented as a singer. Many mistakes and false notes could be heard. Is it the fact he spent most of his time to read the lyrics on the tablet? It’s a shame, because his voice was really nice on some songs and it could have won me over.
Nevertheless, as a good Asian artist, SANA is able to play his fan service, a game of question-answer, and a teasing striptease which revealed only his chest. The artist knows very well how to keep the attention on him and especially the female attention. He gave so much energy and he was clearly getting hot.

SANA is undeniably a talented and professional artist, and despite the problems he encountered during the concert, I can still say that it was a good concert. Even though it balanced between good and bad times, he was smiling all the time. We could understand that he loves his job, music and fans.
I left feeling a little incomplete, but I’m now curious about the future of this artist. I hope to see him again soon in Europe, to take full advantage of his talent.

Review by Cristina