“”Paris, don’t be shy“” and “”I love you, I wanted to see you“” are, respectively, sentences we could hear from Sana-sama and Satsuki during their concerts in Paris, on September 13th. With them, the hard rock band X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus (or XMAS) has conquered the crowd, who didn’t know them yet.

The concert took place in a very cozy place called Le Klub. The stage, and so the artists, were very close to the public. On the stairs, to get to the stage, Satsuki exhibited his works of art for the fans. At the back of the venue, fans were able to buy albums and goodies from all the artists present at the show.

First artist to perform was XMAS. Later Sana-sama and Satsuki came together, after their fan meeting which was located in another place.
At 7:30PM, the VIP fans entered the concert venue, followed few minutes later by the regular ticket holders. Before the show started, each VIP took their pictures with all the artists (Sana-sama, Satsuki and XMAS). Then, the concert started!

Sana-sama opened the show first. In an hour, he showed us his typical visual key sound and his amazing skill at playing guitar and singing through upbeat songs, as well as soft songs. Right from the first song, he heated up the crowd. He invited people to sing, dance and jump around with him. “”Paris don’t be shy“” and “”You guys are always perfect“” he said numerous time. Thanks to him knowing some English, interaction with fans with not too difficult. “”I melt, I’m too old”” he said while laughing with the crowd.
After an awesome performance by Sana-sama, XMAS made their entry after a short 10 minutes (time to prepare instruments.) During another hour, the band showed us their incredible talent, nailed the upbeat and soft songs. Despite a little technical problem (a broken guitar string), the band showed the best of themselves and super intense performances. A Drummer,Yu-ta, with crazy skill, two guitarist, Masaya and Charlie, who played gorgeous guitar’s riffs and finally a singer (and bassist), Kei, who didn’t hesitate to jump with and in the crowd to play with the fans. At the end of their performance, Charlie took out a france flag of his hat and showed it to the crowd, happy and proud of their show and their European tour (this date was the last one). He tried a magic trick and failed at it, which made him and the people laugh.

After this big hour of head banging, and 10 more minutes (time to clean the stage of the drums and the instruments of XMAS), Satsuki came up on stage. “”Welcome to the tour”” he welcomed us and few second later, the crowd was already heated up. During another hour once again, Satsuki sang his famous song, such as “”Twilight” , and also his new songs, from is last album “”ARTEMIS“”. He invited people to sing along with him, dance and jump with him during his performance. “”I wanted to see you, I love you””,””I’m so happy”” he said numerous time, with a very happy smile. Satsuki, once again, showed us his amazing talent as a singer, through upbeat and soft songs and fans loved it.
After a good three hours of performance, fans slowly took their breath and share their feelings “”I didn’t know them at all but I’m really pleased I came to this show”” or “”That was really cool!”” and “”It was intense””. And to perfectly finish the night, the artists came to sign the albums or posters fans bought and took pictures with them.

The ambiance before, during and after the show was really good. Both the fans and the artists were friendly. We could have high fives, hand shakes and hugs with some of them. They looked pleased with their show and share affectionate moments with their fans.

In only a few words : Performances were intense, good, surprising and awesome.