If you like Hip Hop and you’re in Seoul, trust us and check if there is any Speak Show planned.
Speak Show Vol. 13 was amazing, and all the artists who performed on May 3rd had fantastic performances.
But let’s start from the beginning. You’re probably thinking about the show but no; we would like to speak about the organization first.

The organization of the concert was great. The tickets were available for purchase on two different websites (Interpark and Hiphopplaya) but in order to enable foreign fans to attend too, they let people get tickets before the beginning of the concert. That’s totally useful if you don’t speak Korean and don’t know how to purchase online here in South Korea. So if you don’t have any Korean friend who can buy the ticket for you, you can easily go to the concert venue (V-Hall) a few hours before the concert and get your ticket without stress.
In our case we already reserved our tickets online, so we just had to request our tickets, which had a line letter and a number in order to find your waiting line and entrance number. Personally we think it’s a really good way to do the queue because there is no stress and no need to push for going in front row.

Let’s now speak about the show. There were a lot of artists who attended the concert and their performances were great and funny. The first line performing was made up of single rappers, while the second line was made of crews.
The show was sometimes a little bit messy because other rappers, from other crews or some extra rapper (not present in the list), went on stage to join in with the rappers who were already performing. But even though it was a bit confusing to recognize all the artists, this made the performances unique and really funny.
All the fans were really into the music, and enjoying the moment.

We will not speak about each artist and appearances because they were too many. But here’s for you the line up and the list of the artists.

Below you can find the performance of SIMS from M.I.B and Taewoon from SPEED, both members of the crew ROYAL CLASS. More videos can be viewed in the PLAYLIST. We couldn’t take a video of every artist and we apologize for that! We hope you’ll enjoy the videos and performances as we did during the concert!

Melanie & Sonia