On Saturday 9th of November, we took the plane to London to assist the concert of Super Junior. Before heading for the concert hall, we first met with the winners of our tickets give away in order to give them their prize. We were happy to see them so excited to be able to assist this event. We didn’t have time to ask them at the end if they enjoyed the show, but we guess they did!

Outside the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of fans. The venue was almost full. It was really impressive to see so many fans with their light blue sticks. The blue ocean was really something to see. Directly when the screen started the introduction video, the fans started to scream like crazy. When Super Junior finally arrived on stage, it was even more crazy! The first song was Mr. Simple, they did a few more songs where the feeling was a bit tensed and serious. But after the 6 first songs, the interaction between Suju and their fans started to warm up and the members started to have fun on stage, all showing their amazing talent and acting stupid to make the audience laugh. We really got an amazing show; they gave everything on stage and shared a lot with their fans. They did a lot of fan service, even going in the crowd where the fans could touch them. They also made speeches full of emotions. I found that they were true and warm.

I laughed a lot during the show as some of the videos, which were playing while they were changing, were absolutely funny, they were acting like idiots, it was just amazing. They also did some funny stages as they came dressed up like girls from famous girl groups and made a song where they were disguised as super heroes. They did a few special stages, duets or solos, where you could appreciate their individual talents. Of course, they did their most famous songs such as Sexy, free and single, Sorry sorry and so on. They finished the show with a proposal song „Yes, I do“. This end was full of emotion.

I particularly loved the energy of Shindong, he is giving 100% on stage. The charisma of Eunhyuk was impressive. The sensitivity of Kyuhyung was really cute. The sexiness of  Siwon who likes to show his body for the pleasure of the fans. The amazing voice of Ryeowook who can fill up the venue with so many emotions just with his voice.

At the end, two members of EXO did come on stage, they were surprised by the screams that welcomed them. It was impressive to hear all the fans screaming again like crazy. It was a good test for them and see that their success is real everywhere in the world. But back to the stars of the show, they did a last speech before doing their last song. It was really touching and they promised to come back for the Super Show 6 in London. They couldn’t leave the stage; they were pushing the time to leave their fans until the very end. This is clear that they love the stage and their fans … That’s what makes them so successful and famous all around the world. Super Junior filled up the Wembley Arena with great memories and a lot of happiness. We can only hope that for the Super Show 6, they will decide to visit more European cities!