“On April 13th, 2014, many Angels came from all over Europe to attend Teen Top’s concert at the Bataclan, lining up hours before the doors opened. The concert date was the last of the tour as well as the six members’ second visit to Paris, after holding successful concerts in Japan, South Korea, the US, Moscow and Budapest.

The doors of the venue opened at 7 p.m, and the fans’ excitement could be felt in the air as they chattered their anticipation away, waiting for the show to begin.

At 8 p.m sharp, the lights went out, and a video clip introducing each member started playing under loud cheers.
The six members then appeared on stage, opening the show with their recent hit Rocking and getting the crowd to sing along.

The boys then proceeded to introduce themselves, trying to include a few words of French along the way, such as “”bonjour”” (good evening), “”enchant√©”” (nice to meet you) and “”merci beaucoup”” (thank you very much).They cheerfully thanked the fans for giving them the chance to come back to Paris, and expressed their joy of getting to reunite with French Angels.
A couple more of their hit songs followed, such as Be Ma Girl and No More Perfume On You, with enthusiastic reactions and fans following the hands moves of the choreographies. A few occurrences of playful skinship between members sent the crowd shouting with glee, and the atmosphere warmed up to resemble that of a nightclub, with bass notes vibrating in the air.

The group moved on to sweeter songs full of interactions with the audience such as I Wanna Love, Never Go Back or Baby U, during which the members threw hearts at their fans.They then took a few minutes for another talk, during which they declared that shooting the jacket of their first full length album in Paris made it cooler, and that spending the night with French Angels felt like having a date, which made them very happy. The response to these words was quite enthusiastic and vocal. The members also attempted to figure out which of them was best loved by the audience by saying their names one by one before gauging how loud the screams were, and the members playfully chanted Niel‘s name along with the crowd.
As the rest of the group went off stage to change outfits, the two rappers performed a special stage with Like A G6, originally by Far East Movement, with an electrifying feel and people jamming to the beat ; the four remaining members then held their own special stage by covering Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, to which the audience sang and clapped along.

After another video retracing Teen Top‘s history through clips of their MVs, the members came back on stage in white suits, singing To You as the audience cheered for them with fanchants and waved lightsticks from side to side. More romantic songs are then performed, such as Hello, and the exclusively revealed ballad Love You as well as Angel, a song dedicated to Teen Top‘s fans. This part of the show ended with a cover of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful, with members throwing hearts to their audience again, eliciting huge cheers.
The members then left the stage, while a video displayed memories of their first tour, including snippets of rehearsals and backstage footage. The fans screamed loudest when Paris came in the video.
After this trip down memory lane, the members came back to perform some of their hit songs such as Supa Luv and Clap, which sent the crowd jumping along the catchy beat and clapping.
Another video break showing clips of the earlier dates of the High Kick tour then played, before the members returned with yet another outfit for Rock Star. Before the last song, Miss Right, the members take the time to take a picture with the audience in the background, some members even saying “”je t’aime”” (I love you), to the delight of their fans.

The members then bowed and left the stage, and the audience started chanting the group’s name, until the screen turned back on, asking whether French Angels liked the show and whether they wanted more, earning very loud cheers and excited clapping and stomping.
The six members hopped back on stage, now wearing the T-shirts of the tour, and performed an encore with a medley of Bruno Mars’ Marry You and of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, throwing red roses to the audience while the fans sang along at the group’s request. The members then warmly thanked the fans for making the concert possible altogether, and expressed their wish to come back once more in the future.
The members proceeded to get off stage, but not for long, as the ever cheering crowd successfully called them back for a second encore with Rocking.

The concert went well overall, and lasted no less than two hours during which the atmosphere never fell flat. Angels left starry-eyed and with the promise of another memorable reunion with Teen Top in the future.