Set list : Supa Luv, Be Ma Girl, No More Perfume On You, Beautiful Girl, First Kiss, The Back Of My Hands Brushes Against, Angel, Trouble Maker (from Olly Murs), Good Time (Pop Song), Clap, Chunji solo Stage, L.Joe, Ricky y Changjo dance, Niel and CAP stage, To You, GirlFriend, Where’s Ma Girl, Shake It!, Crazy, All You Need Is Love.

 On the 3rd of February, we attended the concert of Teen Top in Dortmund. As we were waiting outside before the press conference, we could notice that the fans were already very excited, singing, screaming and even dancing. Once inside, a bit before the concert started, the fans who had a VIP tickets ran directly to place themselves first rank. Since we were on the balcony for the first three songs, it was really funny to watch the fans entering and running to take the best place they could. Even though, we were a bit surprised that there were not that many fans that day (we guess it’s because of the ticket price), it didn’t ruin the atmosphere at all. They screamed and welcomed Teen Top with as much enthusiasm as a full venue.

When Teen Top appeared on stage, the fans started screaming and throwing teddy bears to them. Even though, it was not a very good moment since they were doing a choreography and they were a bit annoyed by those on stage. But they did a very good job anyway. Starting with Supa Luv, Be ma girl and No more perfume on you. They’ve put a lot of effort speaking in English but also tried to say a few words in German, which was really cute. This was the first time we could see First Kiss live and I have to say it’s a great song, we really liked it. They quickly warmed up the public and shared a lot with their fans. Always going to them, interacting and shaking their hands. They were enjoying themselves on stage and just because of that, it was really an amazing concert. They put a lot of energy in everything they do, it’s very nice to see the work they put in making a special cover of English songs to please their European fans, such as Trouble Maker, Good time, etc. Their English is not perfect but still very cute. There were also a few emotional moments with the songs The Back Of My Hands Brushes Against and Angel. They really can give a lot of emotions on stage. Their solo stage was also very good. Chunji making his cover of the song „Count on me“ from Bruno Mars, it was such a good moment, full of emotions. What else could we expect from Chunji? The dance stage of L.Joe, Ricky and Changjo was simply amazing, they certainly showed us their talents in dancing. Niel and CAP‘s stage was very sexy and full of energy. For the last part of the concert, we are back to choreographed songs such as To you, Girlfriend, Shake it, etc. Of course, they came back for an Encore with Crazy and All you need is love. They were so much enjoying to be on stage that they were clearly telling the fans they didn’t want to leave already. But every good thing has an end and it was the end of their show sadly!

We have to say, we never heard so much „I love you“ during one concert. All the members said it at least once. The fans had clearly received a lot of love from their Idols, and we found that very touching. Individually, CAP was very excited that day, we never saw him like that. CAP who is considered cold by his fans, was very warm, interacting a lot with the fans, shaking their hands, playing with them. He was running from one point of the stage to another and smiling a lot. L.Joe was, as usual, interacting with the fans, showing them a lot of love. It seemed that Chunji was not feeling as good as usual, but he still smiled a lot and winked to the fans. Niel and his angel smile were clearly there, going on the front of the stage and singing to the fans looking at them directly. Full of energy and leading the songs very well with his sweet voice. Ricky was just all cute as always, trying to say a few words in German, the moment he tried to say „Ich liebe dich“ (meaning I love you) before leaving the stage, was just plain cute. Changjo smiled a lot and was also enjoying himself a lot, showing us his amazing dance skills. We can say his charisma is growing more and more. He is becoming a really handsome man.

All we can say is that they brought smiles to our faces and we are pretty sure the fans were smiling as well. We enjoyed this concert because Teen Top is able to give you a very warm feeling just by being on stage and showing how much they love to be there. One thing is certain, that’s where they belong. They owned the stage from the beginning to the end and the public’s reaction was clearly good. The next time we can assist to one of their concert, we will clearly go and you should definitely go as well. Now we are looking forward for the release of their next album and we will keep on supporting them, because they have everything they need to become huge worldwide stars!

Review by Vivi C.