“As we were in Tokyo on the 21st of May, we couldn’t miss the chance to cover Teen Top‘s concert for their No. 1 Asia tour. We were there with our tickets as every single Fans going to this concert, so we enjoyed the concert from the fan’s view. It was a bit weird though as we were the only two Europeans girls. But strangely, they didn’t look at us like we were aliens or something. It was unexpected since in Europe, we always feel like aliens who shouldn’t be there! When we entered the venue, it was so huge that we couldn’t find the way to our seats. Fortunately, a very nice member of the staff has guided us to them. We were placed very high and far away, but we have been able to enjoy to the fullest the purple ocean moving in the rhythm of the music. It was something really exceptional and so wonderful to see. I have to say, there are a lot of differences between a Japanese concert and an European concert. When European fans are all screaming and pushing each other, the Japanese fans are respectful, they stay at their places and don’t push the others. They don’t scream during the songs, only before and after. It was really great to be able to hear the boys sing and to enjoy their talent without having interference. To wait until the concert starts, we could watch the music videos of Teen Top on the big screens , from their very first one „Clap“ to their last „Miss right“. The fans were singing along and following the steps as well. The concert starts on time as usual for Asian stars.

They started with „Miss right“ and „Walk by“ their two latest releases, went to „I wanna love“ and „Baby U“. In the beginning, we could hear that their voices were tired, especially Niel‘s voice. But after a while, their voices started to sound better. Even though, Niel‘s voice was not at his highest potential, he led the songs very well as we could expect from him. They talked of course as usual. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really understand what they were saying since we don’t understand Japanese. But we could see that they were laughing and having fun. Niel being always the one having something funny to say. Between the different sets, they had very nice VCR’s, telling a real story and showing their talent for acting as well. I just have to point out that Chunji as a pilot had encountered very positive reaction. Indeed, I have to admit that it was really nice to watch and he played his role perfectly. The show was clearly well prepared and absolutely amazing. All the ingredients were there, the light show was amazing, their choreographies were great as usual. The explosion of charisma when those six boys are on stage, full of charms and sensuality. They were entertaining their fans very well and giving the right emotions with all the songs. They said it would be a party, and it was! But there were also a few emotional moments. There has been sound problems during „Clap“ but it has been handled very quickly. Even if Teen Top is a whole, we can say that they also have their individual strength, every members was there with his individual charm. C.A.P., the charmer, Ljoe the cute yet mischievous rapper, Chunji and his powerful voice, Niel the one man show, the amazing and multi-talented Changjo and of course, the cute and sensational Ricky.

The most impressive stage in my opinion was „Hello“. Changjo, Niel and Chunji were singing that song with so much emotions, I couldn’t help but having the goosebumps, and it is definitely showing how great this stage was. Chunji showed his talent, playing with his voice like he never did before. The mix of their three voices was absolutely wonderful. Those three charismatic boys did the most beautiful stage I have ever seen during this song!

Now let’s pass to the solo stage of Ricky, I was really glad to hear him sing a song all alone for once. There’s no doubt about the singing ability of Ricky, he can sing beautifully with such a sweet voice. I just have to say that the music was sometimes too loud and so we couldn’t hear him well all the time. I liked to hear his voice and I think he should definitely have more lines to sing. The only thing I would say is that even though he has a lot of charisma, Ricky is not yet able to really impose himself very well. Maybe it’s due to a lack of experience, he is still young, or he still needs a bit more confidence on stage. I think it will come with time, at least I hope we will be able to see the amazing singer he can definitely become.

Chunji‘s solo was definitely the best. This time, I could really hear him sing and I was so impressed. He has a wonderful voice. He is an amazing singer and can become one of the best singers of his generation. During his solo, it was the second time, I got the goosebumps. During his solo stage, I couldn’t help but think that he would be the next Yang Yoseob. In a few years, Chunji will be able to debut as solo artist for sure, I can only say that he is made for it. Even though he still needs some experience, he is clearly on his way.

The other solo/duet stage that impressed me was „Jealousy“. Even though, it is supposed to be a duet between Ljoe and Changjo, it’s mostly Changjo who is singing this song. And Changjo was clearly amazing. He can sing so well and he is a great dancer of course. He has such a presence on stage. You practically only see him. He was owning the stage and it was wonderful to watch him perform this song. This talented boy has everything to, one day, make a solo career aside from Teen Top as well. This kind of R’n’b songs fit him well. Strangely, after his stage, I thought about the debut of Seven. Changjo‘s presence on stage, his way to sing, his way to dance, it made me think about Seven at the time of „Passion“. No wonder why I was so impressed!

If there was a best stage, there was also a less good stage. It might be unexpected but from my point of view „Gone not around any longer“ was not that great. I know the fans like it a lot, because it’s a stage where they do a lot of fan service. But I think the song and the choreography don’t suit a boy group that much. It was awkward and even though, they do a great job in general when they cover a song. The awkwardness of this cover was too present and I didn’t really appreciate it. Even though, this time, they didn’t do that much weird stuff between each other during the song but also during the whole concert which I appreciated because I still think it’s absolutely weird to see that between guys. This time, it’s Changjo who did the sexy dance at the end. Ljoe didn’t do much strange things with Niel. There was only some planned moments that came but not much. Anyway, it was the only negative point of the all concert.

Lastly, I like the new choreographies of the new songs such as „So sweet“, „Never go back“, „Get crazy“ etc. It was really nice to see. They definitely gave a party feeling during those songs. During „GirlfriendChunji bit Niel‘s finger who was totally surprised, that was really funny. „No more perfume“ in an acoustic version was really beautiful, we could enjoy the mix of the voices of Niel and Chunji to the fullest which is always nice. The remix of Crazy was also great, it’s good to hear something else from time to time as we all know this song by heart now. At the end, they were all very tired, Niel and C.A.P. were clearly showing it. But of course, they did come back for the encore, on „Be ma girlNiel, C.A.P. and Chunji were totally laughing out loud. Niel and C.A.P. couldn’t even sing properly. For some unknown reason they were out of control. It was really funny to see them laughing so much though. And then, during „Shake it“, Changjo, Niel and Ricky went down the stage to go near the fans. I have to say, fortunately, they were in Japan, and so the fans didn’t try to rape them. Let’s not do that in Europe guys, I am not sure you would get out of there alive!
In short, it was a really wonderful show. Teen Top has definitely a way to make an amazing show. They are talented for sure. From my point of view, Teen Top grew together at first and became the Teen Top that we now know. But now, they are growing individually and showing their individual talent. I really want to see more of their individual talents because I think they are representing the next generation of Korea’s idols/singers. We will see what the future will bring but I definitely believe in them and I am never wrong!

Let’s hope to see Teen Top coming back in Europe soon and perform their amazing No.1 show for their European fans!


Review by Virginia Clinberghe