On Sunday March 23, 2014, despite the cold weather, excitement was in the air for Angels in New York. Their hard work on crowdsourcing site Krowdpop has paid off and they were finally going to see their boys live. Though Krowdpop and Kpop United instructed them not to line up before 9AM, many still hung out in the area around the Best Buy Theatre waiting for security to allow them to line up.
Hours later, hundreds of Angels were crowded into the theatre and excitement buzzed through the air. The staff teased the fans by playing with the lights, but soon enough the curtains dropped and the boys started off the night with their latest promotional track “장난 아니야 (Rocking)” to the deafening screams from the crowd. They followed up with “길을 걷다가 (Walk by)” calling their fan girls to “Be My Girl””. After which, they introduced themselves to the audience and thanked the fans for bringing them to New York in their accented English.

With a shout of “Everybody ready?” from L. Joe, they led into their song “나랑 사긜래 (Be Ma Girl)”

The boys talked some more to their fans and among themselves, with Chunji admitting that he felt like he was dreaming and L. Joe cheekily asking the fans if the group should go on a date with them, before leading into “Never go back,” “Baby U,” and “Date.”

While Changjo, Ricky, and L. Joe headed back stage, Chunji, Niel, and CAP stayed behind to present their special stage singing Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine.”

Changjo, Ricky, and L. Joe returned to the stage sporting a sweet, bookish look with white pants, shirt and pull-over. L. Joe’s thick frames added to his innocent looks. They performed Cody Simpson’s “Love.”

They disappeared to come back on stage in all white outfits. Riding on the energy of the fans, they lead into another one of their hit songs, “To You.”

Settling down on the boxes, they lead into a slower song “손등이 수친다 (The Back of My Hand Brushes Against Yours)” and then Chunji, Niel, and Chanjo sang “Hello.”

Then, they continue to melt Angel’s hearts with the song that sports the fan club’s name, “Angel” followed by a cover of James Blunt’s “You Are Beautiful.”

While Niel, Chunji, Changjo disappeared backstage for another change in outfits, Ricky and the fans peer pressured L. Joe, who admitted to being extremely nervous, into singing a piece of his song “Love You.” In the end, CAP ended the mini-solo with “He is rapper.” To which L. Joe responded with “Yeah, I’m rapper. I’m not going to sing anymore.” But he sent the fans into another frenzy by asking them what their favorite Teen Top song was, before turning the question to CAP and Ricky as well.

Niel, Chunji, and Chango returned in black outfits and picked up where the other members left off, but this time Niel asked for Chunji to “Show me. Show me. Dance and song together.” Chunji responded with Miss Right. After a moment, Niel replied with Rocking and showed the freestyle portion. Changjo froze attempting to decide, but decided on “Crazy” upon Niel’s suggestion. Unable to reach the higher note for the chorus of the song, he asked the crowd to sing it for him.

Ricky got caught up in the question upon returning. L. Joe smoothly dodged the question by asking Niel to show his dance moves, with the fans and Ricky teaming up against him. CAP was asked to show a sexy dance upon his return.
After “love fool”, though many fans that were at the event complained of a lackluster dance performance in earlier songs, the adrenaline had most definitely kicked in by this point, while the other members hustle off for another outfit change, CAP leads into his favorite song “Rock Star,” coming on the stage with a black tank top showing off his arms to the fans up close. He was soon joined by L. Joe and Changjo continuing to “hustling, hustling all day” and getting the fans to “put your hands up!

Then to much screaming, they lead into another fairly recent hit song, “긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)” which had many fans shaking their hands in the air and screaming to the chorus of “Na na-na na-na na~!!”

They left the stage, but to the chanting crowd, they returned to the stage with a medley of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” + Owl City’s “Good Time” to the responding screams of “Yes!” and “I will totally marry you!”

They wrapped up the night with the high energy “Crazy 미치겠어” with fan service favorites Niel and Ricky running around and working both sides of the stage.

As the concert came to a close, I think many a fans would agree with Chunji when he said “I feel like I’m dreaming.” Hours and even days after have found fans still admitting in amazement, “I can’t believe I got to see them live.” “It’s still sinking in.” “Wow.”

Teen Top with their fan service, broken English, and high energy is definitely a group that is amazing to see perform live. Hope to see them again.

Review by Jenga