Review :

The Japanese band UPLIFT SPICE was up for a live concert on the 31st of May 2014 at the Urban Spree in Berlin, Germany. Before the concert, we got the chance to meet them for a shout out to Japako Music readers, they were really cool and already full of energy. The venue was not very big but it was cosy and therefore you could see them performing very well. Sadly, There was not too many people, but we can say that UPLIFT SPICE was able to warm up the crowd and give an amazing show. Only one thing to add, those who didn’t come missed a great live performance!

UPLIFT SPICE is amazing on stage, the singer, Shiori was full of energy and she really stands out. She has an amazing voice and a lot of charisma. U-Key, the guitarist, is very handsome and full of energy as well. He has a way to influence the crowd to go crazy. Kenji, the bassist, was totally crazy, deep into his music, he was moving all over his place and even came in the crowd. But the member who amazed me the most is the drummer Tobita, he is an excellent drummer, full of talent. He was leading the songs very well. He gives the best touch to every song. It’s pretty rare to have a drummer able to give emotions to the songs. He managed to do that brilliantly. Not only he is talented, but he is also handsome and cute.

During this concert, I could enjoy every song, the tempo of every song was different. It went from pop rock, to hard rock, and even passed by punk rock. It has a lot of variety and you cannot be bored during a performance of UPLIFT SPICE! I wish for them to get more and more success in the near future and hopefully we will be able to see them again in Europe soon! In any case, if they come back, be sure to not miss them!

Review by Virginia Clinberghe