It’s your first time traveling to Seoul (South Korea) and you are already overwhelmed by the feeling sitting in the plane on the way to your dream destination. All you can think about is what to take with you and which places you will have to visit. Of course, you will check out the main tourist destinations like Changgyeonggung Palace, N Seoul Tower and more.

But Seoul has more in stock than you can think of.

Here are my Top 10 Spots in Seoul:

  • Dongdaemun

Dongdeamun is well known for the Fashion Week, which is held every year at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The Plaza itself holds various exhibitions and programs trough the year, like the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, Design Pathway and more. If you like Fashion and Design you definitely have to go there.

  • Hongdae

While you exit from the subway, you will see that this place is crowded. You may ask why, well it’s not only because of Hongik University. Trough the years a lot of themed coffee shops and stores found their place there. For example, beside the Hello Kitty Cafe, the One Piece Cafe has recently been opened in Hongdae. But not only coffee shops are located in this area, street performances also found there way there. Every day you can listen to singers, watch dance performances and also see university students hold some events. Hongdae is also the place for Art. It is definitely a place to visit and fall in love with.

  • Ehwa(Ide)

The first thing about this place that comes to mind is the Ehwa University. The university itself is a place you definitely have to visit. And if you are lucky enough and have some friends who study there, take the opportunity to ask for a little sightseeing tour. You will be impressed what this university got in stores. But beside the university, the surrounding area is also unique. Since the university is girls only university, the stores around are more focused on female costumers, and early in the morning you might get some sales. Also, grab some coffee from one of the unique coffee stores.

  • Insa-dong

Insa-dong is the heart of Seoul, all that your heart desires about history can be found in this area. If you visit the Changgyeonggung Palace, take a step to the right and there you can find a traditional tea house where you can sit down and read a book about the History of Seoul. After spending some time at the tea house, you can go and check out some galleries in the area. And if you want some adventure, check out the Dark room, Dynamic Maze and the Alive Museum. A must go!

  • Buckcheon Hanok Village

When you really want to feel the old traditional way of living, you need to visit Buckcheon, located in Insa-dong. Some of the best dramas & movies where filmed there. Buckcheon is actually the place where you clearly can see the influence of the western world throughout the years. On the left, you can see a traditional home, but on the right, you will see a western themed home.

  • Myeongdong

The place for shopping. Clothing, makeup, shoes and more. In the late afternoon, you can also check out the streetfood stalls. You can spend hours in the streets of Myeongdong. If you still want to spend some WON, check out the department stores and boutiques of famous brands.

  • Apgujeong

Apgujeong is located in Gangnam. If you want to feel like an Idol, spend some time on the Garosu-gil Road or the Apgujeong Rodeo Street. The places where the rich ones shops. Beside, there is a lot of entertainments that have their offices around this area. You might spot some artist there. And if you still want to explore the Hallyu effect, take the K-Star Road. Some well-known entertainments are actually neighbours. Can you guess which ones?

  • Watching Seoul from above

Before you want to go shopping, step into the cable car and check out the view above.The N Seoul Tower is one of 2 spots in Seoul. The second one is the SeoulSky Tower right to Lotte World which has recently opened its doors for visitors.

  • Take a walk along the Han River

If you don’t want to walk, rent a bike and drive along the Han River. Day or night both got their own charms.

  • Buddha Temples

If you are in Seoul/Korea around May, you will not regret to visit one of the Buddha Temples. Take your camera with you, otherwise you will regret it. The colours of the different lanterns and the peaceful surrounding makes the visit unforgettable.

I can only recommend to walk from one subway station to an other. Mostly its about 15-30 walk between two stations, but you will find a lot of different things here and there. And if you don’t want to walk, use one of the city tours. Seoul got a lot in stores for everyone.

Written by Zero