Cherry blossoms – Beot Kkeot (벗꽃) in Korean, more widely known as Sakura (桜) in Japanese – attract numerous tourists to Korea for their beauty during the Spring-time cherry blossom festivals. The flower is in fact native to Korea and comes in yellow, white, and pink hues.

One of the most popular and easily accessible cherry blossom festivals is held at Yeouido Park in Yeouido, Seoul. Large crowds gather each year next to the Han River to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that mark the beginning of Spring. Although many bring picnics to enjoy at the festival, you can also choose from an array of Korean street foods from nearby vendors such as barbequed squid and tornado potatoes.

It is a great outdoor activity for everyone, particularly for children who can be seen playing among the petals with flying kites and balloons. You can also bring your pets to enjoy the festivity! The grand event is also a hotspot for picturesque photography and social media posts – especially for Instagram – so don’t forget your camera!

The cherry blossoms’ short life is captured in the poetic Korean saying Kkeot Bi (꽃비), or ‘flower rain’. Their fleeting beauty is only another reason to see the flowers before too late!

Yeouido Festival goes on until late, so that the night lights can showcase another side of the fragile cherry blossoms. The festival goes on between April 4 and April 10 inclusive. You can reach it by taking the subway Line 5 to Yeouinaru Station via Exit 2 or 3; or by taking Line 2 or 9 to Dangsan Station via Exit 3 or 4.