Title: Manager Kim or Good Manager

Original title:김 관장

 Genre: drama-comedy

Episodes: 16

 Broadcast: KBS

Broadcast period: January 25-March 30 2017

Director: Lee Jae Hun

Chief producer: Kim Seon Geun

Screenwriter: Park Jae Beom



Namgung Min: Kim Sung Ryong

Nam SangMi: Yoon ha Kyung

Lee Joon ho: Seo Yool

Jung Hye Seong: Hong Ga Eun

Kim Won Hae: Choo Nam Ho

Kim Gang Hyu0n: Lee Jea Joon

Jo hyun Sik: Won Ki Ok

Ryoo Hye Rin: Bing Hee Jin

Kim Sun Ho: Sun Sang Tae

Park Young Gyu: Park Hyun Do

Lee Il  Hwa: Jang Yoo Sun

Seo Jung Yeon: Jo Min Young

Jung Suk Yong: Ko Man Geun

Kim Min Sang: Lee Gang Sik

Hwang Young Hee: Eom Geum Sim

Kim Jae Hwa: Na Hee Yong

Dong Ha Park: Myung Suk

Lim Hwa Young: Oh Gwang Sook


Kim Sung Ryong (Namgung Min) was a mathematic genius when he was young. Now he used to manage money for gangs, and his dream is to live in Denmark. He needs money to realize his dream. By an accidental opportunity, he begins to work as the chief of an accounting department TQ Company. He struggles to save salaries employment, fighting against corruption and irrationality of this company.


This drama is what Koreans call 사이다 드라마 which means it is a drama that is liberating. This drama describe how difficult is a salary man/woman’s life. It talks about harassment, suicide, labor trader, lobbies and money’s power.

When I saw the teaser, I was not very enthusiastic about it. But I was feeling a little down and I started to watch it,  thinking that it might be funny. I like Yoon Ha Kyung (Nam Sangmi) at the first sight. She is a strong woman with a lot of skills. She has the main role and the chemistry with the character of Kim Sung Ryong is nice.

This drama is realistic, everyone can find resemblance with someone he knows in real life or at work. Everyone wants to fight against corruption, but for some reasons, it is sometimes difficult. For example, Chief Choo Nam Ho (kim wonhae) was very sad about what’s happen to his friend, but he needs to send money abroad for his daughter’s studies. So they all try to make a deal with themselves to be able to go to work every days, and bear it.

This drama describe really well how difficult it is to fight when you are a salary man/woman. I was so angry sometimes that I also wanted to fight with them, but I also understand when they give up because it seems to be very dangerous to go too far. I really can feel the fear as they might lose their job.

Chief Choo Namho is so touching. Kim Wonhae is good and credible in his character. I really like how he struggles to stay still a right man, but also a good chief. He is protective with Yoon Hakyung, the tragedy wich took place in the office is so difficult to overcome.

When Kim Sungryong arrived he has no idea. He just wants to make money but he doesn’t want to help them. I really was afraid whien I discovered this character without charisma, he was just a thug who needs to have some extra pocket money. But his character grows up as well he realizes what means a day of a salary man. With all his wittiness he makes you laugh and smile even in the more shameless situations.

There is no romance, but action, humor, a plot and bromance. The most unexpected moment is the bromance, between Kim Sungryong and Seo Yool (Lee Joonho). I never imagined such sweet moments between them. This bromance light up the drama. You can’t help but smile and laugh when they are together.

Oh Gwang Sook (Lim Hwa Young) has a really delightful role, she is very funny and so fresh, she relieves all your sorrow. Every woman has a strong character and they are not in supportive role. They are cleaver, smart and strong. Even Jo Minyoung (Seo Jungyeon) who is an evil woman.

I discovered Dong Ha through the drama. He plays Park Myungsuk a very stupid boy, only interested in money and girls. He knows he will be the next chairman and he acts like if people are only toys. He thinks he can do everything because he has power and money. I was impressed by his play, he can have a large scale of feelings and emotions. He also made some great ad-libs.

As you can guess I really enjoyed this drama. I miss them all and hope everyone can relate such good co-workers as the team of Manager Kim.


Review by Val R.