General Informations

Title: On the way to the airport

Original title: 공항 가는 길

Genre: romance

Broadcast: KBS

Broadcast period: September – November 2016

Episodes: 16

Director: Kim Cheol-gyu

Chief producer: Kang Byung-taek

Screenwriter: Lee Suk-Yeon



Kim Ha Neul as Choi Su Ah

Lee Sang Yun as Seo Do Wu

Sin Seong Rok as Park Jin Seok

Choi Yeo Jin as Song Mi Jin

Jang Hee Jin as Kim Hye Won


Choi Su Ah is a flight attendant and Park Jin Seok is a pilot, they are married and they have a daughter, Park Hyo Eun, who’s twelve years old. Dragged by their jobs, nowadays, they just pass each other.

Park Jin Seok wants his daughter to study abroad, but after a first try, she returned home. Choi Su Ah wants her daughter to stay in Korea but her husband finally finds a way to send his daughter study in Malaysia. She leaves in a house (bed and board) with Annie, Do Wu and Kim Hye Won’s daughter.  Do Wu is an architect and assistant professor. Kim Hye Won works with her mother- in- law which is a great traditional patchwork master.

A tragedy leads these characters to cross their path and feelings that takes them along towards different choices.


The topic of this drama is adultery. I was curious  to know how the creators could talk about this in a drama. This drama make each viewer ask himself about what his own ideas are.

The chemistry between the main couple is great. This drama is especially aesthetic, all is very softly shoot, every detail is a study, with a kind of sense of decency and self-control.

The viewer will be the witness of the feeling, the questioning, the hesitation, the agony of this couple surprise by his story. The best scene for me was “the glass of wine during the fly”.

This drama make me think about how is the sense of life, of couple, of family? Every change needs choice, what can I give up for a new life? Each protagonist shows his own feelings and resentments. The main character need to deal with family and friends which are not really pleased by their new love.

Moved, overwhelmed by the story, the viewer is the witness of soft and painful moments. Every viewer will watch this drama in a different way because of his age, way of life, experiences. I was totally overwhelmed by feelings while I watched this drama.

I was really curious to find out what adultery means in Korea. This drama, unfortunately doesn’t give me any  answers. Although you have your opinion, this drama will give you another one. I was afraid, that it was just a story without real intensity, but I was out of breath sometimes, and so sad at others.

I struggled with them, and wish them the best. The main couple is so lovely, and the viewer, I bet,  will just want to see them happy. But life is not a fairytale.

I think this drama was not well received but for me, it’s merely, one of the best drama in 2016. Through this story, it’s also how life is difficult for some married women you need to make a choice between work and family, for children, there is some sentences about education. It’s really a picture of Korean society with evolution and also tradition.

In Korea, it doesn’t seem so easy to fall in love again when you are middle-aged.

Review by Val