Rainielle Alumia – Was it hard to get into the music industry? What were some of your struggles?

HIROAKI: Of Course. I was always in a conflict with myself. But I always believed in my own talent, that has not changed.

YUKI: It’s an engagement for life. It’s a fight against yourself.

Sasori Entity – For anyone whose never heard of you. What would be the word to describe your music?

HIROAKI: Love. Of course I want the music we make to be heard by many people. But the number one purpose is the music to be loved by a person for a long time.

YUKI: Universe

Marjorie Buckingham – Any chance you will come to America? Maybe you can come with another band from Japan and co-star a show string or a festival with several bands?  I love you guys! Thank you for your amazing music!!!

H&Y: Yes, we want to go to the USA.

It’s still undecided but we want to go at any time if there is a chance.

There is always a feeling that you want your music to compete with American music.

 朱雀 よき  Hello – What do you do right before going on Stage? Do you have a specific “”Ritual””?

HIROAKI: I pray to the heavens. I pray,”Today I stand on the stage again, to update yourself please have a look”.

YUKI: I usually stretch.

Matea Rehn – Do you plan to make a concert in Croatia ?

H&Y: If there is an opportunity, we don’t select the places, but we want to have concerts everywhere.

Thank you all for your questions! ^^