Back in 2015 we had the chance to sit with 24K and ask them some questions about their single “”Hey You””, their group’s future, dreams and more! Check it out below!

Q: Could you tell us more about your new single “Hey You”?

A: (Cory) It’s the best music. It’s the first time I had creative control over all of our music. I did the mixing, and I did all of the engineering. It’s special for us because we never had that much creative control over all of our material. As far as music goes, I know how all the members function; I know what kind of music they like. It just suits us the best. This album means the most to us because all of our work is put into this album.  It’s a really special 24K single.

Q: Can you explain your new concept?

A: (Kisu) The last album had a cute, sporty concept, but this time, it’s more manly and chic.

A: (Cory) Testosterone, masculine! We looked up to Schwarzenegger.

A: (Daeil) The people who see it will know that the concept is really clear. It’s a song that people can like easily, so I hope that many people will enjoy it.

Q: Is there any other concept that you would like to try?

A: (Kisu) Although this concept is manly, I want to try an even manlier concept. If we’re giving off a handsome-guy feel, I want to go for a tough-guy feel.

A: (Daeil) I want to try a lyrical, sad concept.

A: (Jeunguk) I want to do something even more hardcore, like Block B.

A: (Sungoh) I want to wear school uniforms, and it could give off a rebellious student feel, or something that depicts school romance, but a concept that takes us back to the schooldays.

A: (Cory) I want to try something really experimental. Just something no one’s tried. Maybe…just…I don’t know. This is just specific. It’s just more or less about my music. I just want to try something really really different, you know? People come out with stuff that people have already come out with, so I want to just try something really different. I don’t know what that is yet, but hope that comes out. I don’t really care what concept it is. As far as the music goes, I want to try something that’s really different.

Q: What is the meaning behind 24K?

A: (Daeil) I made the name! 24K means pure gold, so we want to be a team that never changes and shines like that.

Q: Your new song is about approaching a girl.  How would you approach a girl personally?

A: (Daeil) I have no idea. I only have our 24U! That’s all.

A: (Cory) I don’t know…It really depends on who I’m approaching, I guess. But uh, I don’t know. I haven’t approached a girl in a while, right? I haven’t hung out with girls in a while. I’m a loser. I’m a loser.

A: (Sungoh) I would rent a movie theatre and put on an event for her, but I haven’t done that before yet.

A: (Jeunguk) I’m very straightforward with the girl I like.  “Give me your number!”
(Members) Like Hulk and Schwarzenegger!

A: (Kisu) If I had a girlfriend, because I’m a good driver, I would take her on a drive and make the atmosphere comfortable, so that the two of us could be alone.

Q: What are your plans for the second half of the year?

A: (Cory) After we finish promoting in Korea, we’ll be flying all over the world. Promoting everywhere! That’s our plan. We’re going to be promoting internationally. I mean, since I was kidding about flying all over the world, I’m sure we won’t be able to go to every country in this world, but we will be going international. We are trying to follow up with another album right as soon as we finish promoting.

Q: Do you have any goals you want to achieve in your life?

A: (Daeil) I want to be with our 24U until I die. That’s my life’s goal.

A: (Kisu) I really want to travel around the world.

A: (Sungoh) I want to be an owner of a fried chicken restaurant, so that our fans all over the world can buy chicken online and eat it.

A: (Cory) I want to bring world peace with music.

A: (Jeunguk) I want to build my own building.

Q: What is your best memory at your fan meeting?

A: (Daeil) I think all the fans are precious, and I remember all the fans. I love you, 24U!

A: (Kisu) During our Japanese concert, there were six fans who dressed up exactly like us and cosplayed us exactly. At the time, Cory and I were bleach blonde, but they even copied the hair color exactly!

A: (Cory) My most memorable moment is just our first fan meeting in general because it was exciting to see all the fans like we never even knew existed, so no one in particular. Just the first fan meeting was awesome.

A: (Sungoh) We’ve had like…two fan meetings?
(Members) No!  We’ve had a lot!
(Sungoh) Oh, really?  Sorry…but yeah, there are fans who come all the time, so it’s not just one fan that I remember the most, but there are fans who give us yummy stuff to eat, so I remember the good food.

A: (Jeunguk) There was a really young kid that came and got our autograph. Maybe like 4 or 5 years old. From Daegu.
(Cory) And he waited in line for a very long time to go all the way around and get another autograph. It was really cute.

Q: Say something nice about the member sitting to the left.

A: (Kisu) Daeil has a manly and cold side to him, but he very meticulously takes care of the members, so he’s a good member.

A: (Daeil) Jeunguk is extremely good looking. He’s also very tall, has a great body, has sharp eyes, has a high nose bridge, and has cherry lips. He’s perfect.

A: (Jeunguk) Sungoh, honestly, because he’s the visual of 24K, I think he’s the best looking. He’s really tall, has round eyes, has a high nose bridge! (laughs)

A: (Sungoh) Cory, because he’s the leader, is the anchor for our group. As the leader should be, he gives strength to the members, and he sings really well.

A: (Cory) Kisu is very pretty. He took all the prettiness of our group. He’s in charge of it all. For real, he’s really pretty. He’s also really sincere, and I like him a lot. He’s just a really really decent person. I love having him around.

Q: Would you like to perform in Europe? If yes, which country would you like to perform most?

A: (Cory) Belgium!

A: (Daeil) If it’s with 24U, then anywhere is fine!

A: (Jeunguk) Instead of having a specific place I want to visit, I want to visit the entirety of Europe.

A: (Sungoh) I want to go to the Colosseum in Rome and be the first ever to perform there.

Q: Does anyone in particular influence you as an artist?

A: (Cory) For me personally, since I want to be a producer, Dr. Dre. Because I grew up on hip hop, and I wouldn’t have made it without hip hop, and he was the first producer to make mainstream hip hop global.

A: (Sungoh) For me, it’s the K-Pop colleagues, EXO and BTS.  When you look at their performance, they’re really good, so we watch them and get a lot of influence from them.

A: (Jeunguk) Michael Jackson and Korea’s famous performer Poppin’ Hyun Joon.

A: (Daeil) Jeunguk. I want to be like Jeunguk. His sharp eyes, his high nose bridge, and his cherry lips are inspiring to me.

A: (Kisu) Big Bang. Their new album came out. Their music is really good, and their performance is really cool.

Q: If you were stuck in a movie or an anime, which one would it be, and why?

A: (Daeil) A mellow movie. It’ll be about the life of a singer who loves his fans. I want to make that into a movie.

A: (Sungoh) Avengers! I want to fly like Iron Man!

A: (Cory) Spongebob. I want to be Patrick Star because I relate to him on so many different levels. It’s insane. He comes off as stupid, but inside, he’s the deepest person. He’s the deepest character in that whole storyline. Actually, I haven’t seen the movie, but out of all the episodes I’ve seen, he represents…he summarizes every episode somehow.

A: (Jeunguk) I want to be Matt Damon in the Bourne series. Every guy imagines himself in an action movie like that at least once in his life, and although I wouldn’t be able to do that in real life, since it’s a movie, I want to try something like that.
(Members) Our style today is kind of like the movie, Kingsman!

A: (Kisu) Mission Impossible!
(Members) That’s impossible (laughs)

Q: If you could be a cookie flavor, which one would you be, and why?

A: (Kisu) Apple flavored cookie. Kind of sour and sweet.

A: (Daeil) I don’t want to be a cookie because a cookie gets eaten.

A: (Jeung Uk) Chocolate cookie because it’s sweet and soft.

A: (Sungoh) A sugar cookie because a lot of women look for that cookie.
(Members) How do you know that?
(Sungoh) Uh…I would think that, no?
(Members) No!  They look for apple cookies!

A: (Cory) I want to be a basic cookie, too, because you can throw on any frosting you want. You have your own choice. You could have any type of Cory. You can have him whichever way you want.

Q: What is your ideal type of girl?

A: (Daeil) 24U!!!

A: (Cory) Just smart girls with really pretty smiles. That’s the truth. That’s it. Smart with a pretty smile.

A: (Sungoh) I like bad girls. Girls that can control me.

A: (Jeunguk) Pretty, sexy, nice, cute, smart, and rich.

A: (Kisu) Because I’m kind of feminine, I want to meet a girl who is tomboyish and tough.

Q: Would you like to give a message to your European fans?

A: (Daeil) I only have one thing to say: I love you, 24U. Just kidding, there’s more. We haven’t even been to Europe and performed or even had a showcase, but since our recent comeback, a lot of people have been sending us support messages and given us a lot of attention, so we didn’t know how to give back, but we are happy to have been able to have this interview. We will work hard, not just in Korea, but to quickly go to Europe, so please wait for us a little bit. We love you!

A: (Cory) All of us are really excited to go to Europe at some point because we’ve never even been there, even on our leisure. We’re really excited even thinking about going to Europe. We’re glad to even know that people are out there even supporting us, which is awesome. It keeps us going. We hope to go there in the near future, so see you soon! Love you guys, 24U! Number 1, baby!

A: (Daeil) We are sincerely grateful to Japako Music for giving us the opportunity to greet our European fans!