How do you feel about coming back to tour in Europe?
It’s very exciting. We came for 3 months this time to work on promoting, of course a lot of shows, and many things. We can grow up a lot and create new things. We came with a new album, a new sound that‘s more digital. Our image has evolved also to a more electro pop band, so it’s definitely a challenge.


Can you give some hints on what to expect from your performances?
A lot of new songs! Definitely a new sound; more club, but always catchy and close to our audience. We have some songs in English now, and we‘re trying to get a “universal” sound and performance.


Is there a particular city you are looking forward to visiting?
All, of course, but this time we want to visit new places. Napoli in Italy is probably interesting, for fashion, style and history. We also plan on going to Barcelona and some new places in Eastern Europe, so it will be a tour full of new places and new inspiration.


We heard you wanted to change your image, what can we expect?
Well… We evolved during all our travels. You know, at the beginning of ADAMS, we were not thinking about Europe or about the World. It’s kind of accidental. Our target was the Japanese audience, and we chose many things according to this target. But after that, well… We learned a lot. We changed. We got new ideas, we heard different music, met different people. So our image and concept must grow from the “VK/Boys Love” scenes and codes, and go deeper, if we want our message to be globally shared. Our concept is still “NEO SEXUAL”, as we like to spread the message of Love on a global scale that is able to reach human understanding, but it was time to take the things to another level.


What inspires you to write and compose your music?
Shota (composer): Love, Humanity and feelings.


If you had to live in a different country for the rest of your lives, where would you like to live?
Shota: I could go anywhere, as I’m interested in the world, but I have a dream about going to New York. I didn’t go there yet, so I’d like to stay and have my company there, at least for a while. It’s something I’d like to experience.
ADAM: I really love Japan and its culture, but I love Europe. I love Paris!


What is your favourite European food?
Shota: Honestly? I don’t care so much about food. I can eat everything, as I eat just because I’m hungry. It’s not a passion for me. Every European food was totally okay.
ADAM: Croissants! I love them!


Is there anything you like in Europe which you cannot find in Japan?
Shota: Silence. Silent towns and silent nights. In Japan we never walk alone, the city never sleeps. In Europe this feeling of loneliness in a city is possible.
ADAM: Ah! The historical buildings and the European art masterpieces.


If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be and why?
Shota: Mitsui, from Slam Dunk, because he’s always cool.
ADAM: Makoto Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin


Do you have a message for your European fans?
Thank you for your support, always! Please come to see our shows, and share our love. We’ll meet you everywhere.